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    Exclamation Unusual search result on US Search

    A couple of years ago, I reported a tip to the GBI that I found Tara Faye Grinstead's city listings, as Hawkinsville, GA (her place of birth), Ocilla, GA, and then I found two that stuck out.

    One was that she was living in Flushing, NY and prior to that, Humble, TX.

    Here is proof:


    Why has this not been explored further?? Maybe someone else on this site has noted this, and I apologize if I double posted. But it angers me that the tip I reported hasn't been looked further into.

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    It's prolly just some idiot that made up some kinda account like that..Kinda like the person awhile back that was using jennifer kesse's picture on a dating website. Some people are just well not to bright...
    Everything I Write Is JMHO ..

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    I don't think you can make up an account on MyLife, but sometimes you get strange results regardless. For example, when you do a search of my husband's name we get a result for a place in another state. This location is the headquarters of the company he works for. He has a company credit card and apparently that's how come they list him as having lived there (based on the payment address of the credit card). So Tara may have some connection to those addresses outside of having lived there.

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