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    CO - Richard Hammock, 48, shot dead, no charges filed, 2 Nov 2003

    From 11 - 11- 03 Denver Post:

    "Man cleared in slaying sparked by dog dispute
    By Coleman Cornelius, Denver Post Northern Colorado Bureau

    GREELEY - An Ault man who shot and killed his neighbor in a dispute that began with a barking dog was released from jail Monday and will not be charged with a crime.

    Eric Griffin's actions last week in the shooting were protected by Colorado's "make my day" law, said Weld County District Attorney Al Dominguez............................."

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    I'll probably not be to popular for saying this but I don't think that Griffin should have been charged.
    Hammock was on Griffin's porch threatening him.
    Possibly you should not go to your neighbors house acting like an idiot.
    His family seems to think that it was no big deal but clearly Hammock had an aggresive temper. He had no right to go threaten someone and in doing so should not have chosen someone who owns a 12gauge.
    If Hammock had shown up at griffins with the stick and broke the window and griffin had no means to defend himself who do you think would be in jail right now?

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