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    Mental Health Disorders - Is there connection?

    Being as there has been interest, concern and theories presented by some sleuthers, regarding mental health issues/disorders/diseases in this case. IMO I believe it deserves it's own thread. It may prove to be beneficial once more information comes to light regarding this case as it could be related to one or both of the accused if found guilty in a Canadian court of law. My point being is that there are people who commit crimes who do suffer from mental issues, left untreated could be the cause for them committing crimes. That's not to say everyone with a mental illness is a criminal or bad in any way shape or form. There are also criminals who are not afflicted with mental issues. HTH

    Most mental health issues are treatable and with the proper care, those afflicted can carry on normal lives. Many people with mental health conditions do not seek help because they are unaware they have a disorder or are fearful they will be stigmatized. Sadly many people who are afflicted with a condition feel they are stigmatized. The condition is not the fault of the person, but it is the way society projects mental illness which makes it harder for patients to overcome. If society would embrace that fact that these patients are no different then someone who suffers from diabetes, high blood pressure or cancer, we would be a much better society. JMHO

    The Anatomy of Motive Briefing of the book. Great read for anyone who is interested in criminal profiling.


    These criminals are, for the most part, white male loners with self-esteem problems and may come from families with overly authoritarian fathers. ''The media don't cause the crime,'' Douglas writes in ''The Anatomy of Motive,'' his fourth book with the suspense novelist Mark Olshaker. The cause comes ''from someplace inside, far deeper and scarier.''

    Rest in peace Tori, Tim and Jeremy.

    "On May 6th, the devil led the vilest form of evil down my driveway and it smiled at me before it took Tim away." Good always triumphs over evil. Keep the faith, justice will prevail. .

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    With all due respect (as I am sure no ill-will was intended), I think this thread is unnecessary at this point in time; it is speculative and premature.

    I don't think we, as a group, should "go there" until such time as there is talk by LE or in Court, that there is such a condition to be considered. This is just wrong in my opinion (and again I am sure intentions were good!).

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