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    Talking Man saves dog from sinking ship, THEN goes back for wife.


    The accompanying comments are priceless

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    It's humorous for sure but I can't help feeling a little bad for the couple. They've been through a scary experience and now find themselves the butt of jokes by people who don't really know what happened.

    Some details have yet to emerge. So, it's likely that Cheryl was in a position of relative safety and Rosie might have been in a more perilous position had she been left on the boat. The couple did not want to speak with the media about their rescue.

    So, for now, it's left to readers to speculate about Graham's priorities during their ordeal.
    So, for all we know they're a perfectly loving couple and saving the dog first was the only way to save both as the animal might have been less able to fend for herself for a moment as an adult woman or when he swam off to save the dog he thought that she could swim to safety on her own. Perhaps they agreed that he would get the dog to the shore first as she could hold on for a while, or perhaps she wasn't yet stuck at the time. It seems a little harsh to immediately jump to the conclusion that she's a harridan and he thought better of the dog.

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    I wouldn't be surprise if she told him to help the dog first. 9 year old has been part of the family for a long time. Glad they are all safe.

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    A couple who has their priorities in order.

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    Honestly I'm not surprised.

    When an emergency happens you help (In this order):
    The ones in imminent danger
    Children under the age of about 10
    The elderly
    children between the ages of 10-18
    Your spouse

    At least, that's always been my thinking, help those who need it the most. I'm willing to bet the dog was the one who needed the most help at that moment

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    I hope they can laugh about the jokes. It takes a good man to assess a situation and save a dog, which actually could have put the man in some danger if the dog was big or panicing.

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