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    Australia - Justine Jones, 22, murdered, Alexandra Headlands, QLD, 7 July 2010

    7th Aug 2013

    A SUPREME court justice told Richard Coburn he offered no dignity to someone he had professed to love when he dumped her in a wheelie bin.

    Peter Applegarth sentenced the 30-year-old to nine years jail for the manslaughter of Justine Jones and 18 months jail for interfering with her corpse.

    Those sentences will be cumulative so he will serve a total 10.5 years behind bars unless he is deemed eligible for parole earlier.

    He has already served 1119 days, more than three years, in custody since his arrest.


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    The above sentence is absolutely shockingly appalling!!!!

    He was sentenced to ONLY nine years for murder... he'll be out in five years because of the time already served.

    Disgraceful Queensland sentencing!!!

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    He was acquitted of murder, the sentence is for manslaughter. Don't know the facts of the case though, so can't say if its justified.

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    I've seen snippets of this, I'll have to do some further reading...
    L K out L K out, there are catterpillars about!

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    I am -literally- unable to think of anything that could express how dismayed I am about this sentence.

    I'll come back to it a bit later. Nine years? It's a joke.
    Everything I have posted at this website, past or present, represents my opinion or my understanding of events based on facts that are publicly available.

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    Quote Originally Posted by marlywings View Post
    And in case anyone's interested in the following case. The accused has today been sentenced.

    He killed the woman, dumped her body in a wheelie bin & has this afternoon been sentenced to ONLY nine years!! He'll be out in five because of time already served.

    Justine Jones' killer found not guilty of murder

    Justine Jones' killer found not guilty of murder - Websleuths Crime Sleuthing Community
    In that case, there was no cause of death able to be determined due to the state of decomposition of the body by the time she was found in a rubbish dump, similar to Allison's case. The prosecution could not prove intent but the jury held him responsible for her death and for interfering with her corpse by putting her in a wheelie bin. It sounds like the jury made the right decision based on the evidence. The difference in Allison's case is that the prosecution claim that GBC had an intention to kill as evidenced by the circumstantial evidence of his financial stress, her life insurances and his affair with TM including promises to her that he would be free of his wife soon.

    But very interesting in so far as it is similar to Allison's unknown cause of death whilst in the same house as the accused and then the dumping of the body. Interesting that he got 18 months for the interference with the body to be served in addition to the 9 years for manslaughter conviction.

    Marly you might like to copy this post to the new thread on that case.

    All in my opinion only

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