i didnt know where to post this but i have an idea for missing children im just gettting into the jewlery making craze and i was wondering if anyone thought that making a braclet for the missing in rememberance of them id do a braclet for the children, a different one for the teenagers and one for the adults or what about just one bracelet that symbolizes them. do u want it to be a charm bracelet i could do one with crystal beads with colors representing something. let me know what you think about it. here is a link to some of the suppiles i will be getting in the next few weeks to add to my beads and stuff


if u like this idea take a look at some of the beads and let me know what u think. once they are done i can send them out to anyone who wants them or if ur a parent of one of the missing and want a custom bracelet made i can do that as well.