A Maryland woman paid $2,000 to bail her boyfriend out of jail last month, but he's still in the hoosegow while another man walks free, reports the Carroll County Times of Westminster, Md.

Charles Lawrence Armstrong was taken in March 12 after a drunken argument with his girlfriend, Debbie Ward, apparently got out of hand. His bail was set at $100,000, which she couldn't make.

The next day, Ward got a call from a "Sheriff Miller," who asked her for Armstrong's birth date. She gave it to him.

"Sheriff Miller" also rang up Armstrong's friend and employer, John Condon, and told him Armstrong's bail was being reduced to $50,000.

"He was an older man," said Condon. "He wasn't that pushy. He seemed like he was just passing information along."

Condon called Ward, who got a bail bondsman to put up the 50 grand for a $2,000 deposit.

There was one catch.

Before "Sheriff Miller" got off the phone with Condon, he said, "By the way, Chuck checked himself in with an alias" — one that would have to be used on all the paperwork.

You can probably see where this is going. For the record, the Carroll County sheriff's last name is Tregoning.

Sure enough, after Ward had posted bail for a "Robert Anthony Williams," and then waited patiently at the Carroll County Detention Center (search) for Charles Lawrence Armstrong to be released, the real Robert Anthony Williams slyly sauntered right past her out into the open air.

Williams, jailed since December on drug, weapons and assault charges, had happened to be in the same cell the still-drunk Armstrong was tossed into. He quickly convinced the less-experienced man that he could get them both out of jail if Armstrong would just give him his girlfriend's phone number.

Warden George Hardinger said Ward could have avoided the whole mess by being upfront about the "alias" to begin with. Without that information, the paperwork freeing Williams was all perfectly legitimate.

"We don't have a dog in that hunt," said Hardinger. "I feel terrible for [Ward], but that doesn't do anything for me as far as letting that man out of the door."............................

HOW can this guy NOT get charged for something?!?!?!