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    sick Atlanta teen kept off transplant list

    Sick Atlanta Teen Kept Off Transplant List

    A mom in Atlanta says her teenaged son isn't being put on the list for a life-saving transplant because of bad grades and past legal troubles.

    Read more: http://wtxf.m0bl.net/r/1m4nls

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    There is strict criteria for going on the transplant list. If he is not a good student / citizen, what are the chances he will comply with taking all his meds ( and there are a lot) and making (keeping) all his appointments after he gets the new heart? my BFF had a 15 yo son on that list. They will not list you if you are not going to take care of the organ......there are too many people out there who will take good care of the gift they get.
    In my friends case, he got his new heart and was doing well, until the 8th day....he had some complications and sadly, he died.
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