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    PA - Valerie Seibert, 16, Wrightstown, 4 March 1975

    I can't find anything on this girl at all. She was found on a farm in Wrightstown, in Bucks County. At the time she was an 11th grader at George Washington Highschool in Philly. Apparently, she was shot twice.

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    Police Seek Clues in Girl's Death
    Reading Eagle
    March 6, 1975
    Wrightstown, PA (UPI)

    An autopsy determined the girl had not been sexually molested.

    According to police, the girl was last seen Sunday when she left home to visit a friend.
    Also mentioned here:

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    Very sad this case has been swept under the rug.

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    I agree. At that time Wrightstown was big open spaces... IT would have been easy to leave someone there and not be seen.
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    What is Wrightstown like now? What was it like then-fairly safe?

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    Quote Originally Posted by scriptgirl View Post
    I can't find anything on this girl at all. She was found on a farm in Wrightstown, in Bucks County. At the time she was an 11th grader at George Washington Highschool in Philly. Apparently, she was shot twice.
    I was just thinking about Valerie today. I was the last one to see her. She was my next door neighbor on Chilton Road in NE Philly. But I saw her at the 7-11. She came running over to me and she was crying. She said her mother was making porn and she wanted her to be in it. Valerie ran out and went to the 7-11 to hide. I had just stopped in to get coffee. I didn't know that she was there. I held her and tried to calm her down. I asked if I should report it to police and she said that I shouldn't because she was scared. Louise was into all kinds of illegal things. Valerie was a good girl. Very sweet -- despite her environment.

    I got a phone call about 3 AM. Some man was asking about Valerie. He then said he was a police officer. He asked if I had seen her and I told him that I saw her at the 7-11 that day. He then told me that she was found dead in Wrightstown. I nearly vomited. Who on earth calls someone at 3 AM to say that their 16 year old next door neighbor was found dead?

    My personal feeling has always been that her mother, Louise, was responsible. On the day of Valerie's funeral, the police raided the house and found a bunch of illegal drugs as well as stolen merchandise. They were waiting when Louise returned and arrested Louise. She wasn't in jail very long. I thought, for certain, that they would have connected Louise to Valerie's murder. I don't think that Louise did it herself but she knew enough criminals to hire one.

    I used to be friends with Louise and Frank (Valerie's step-father). Louise used to babysit my daughter. Then, she started getting weird and crazy and I stopped going to their house. I think that Frank left Louise well before Valerie's murder. He was actually afraid of Louise. Valerie had a younger sister but I can't remember her name.

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    If you knew Louise was that crazy, why did you let her babysit your daughter? Is Louise still alive? Did you ever go to the cops with what Valerie told you and your suspicions?

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