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    What is the Timeline for Postal Police and Carabinieri

    • 12:30 Postal Police arrive, Knox and Sollecito are standing in front of the cottage, on the gravel driveway towards the gate (is there a 10 minute error and it should be 12:40)
    • 12:33 or 12:43-12:47? We know that Knox and Sollecito guided the Postal Police through the crime scene, pointing out blood, broken window and stating that nothing was stolen.
    • 12:40 Knox and Filomina have a phone conversation. Did Filomina learn more about the broken window?
    • 12:48 Filomina and friends arrive?
    • Knox and Sollecito go into Knox's bedroom, close the door and make calls to her mother and his sister. They are both advised to phone the Carabinieri, which appears to have happened after the arrival of the Postal Police, after the arrival of Filomina and friends, and prior to the discovery of the body.
    • 12:47 Knox talks to her mother, but nothing has happened other than the postal police returning two cell phones and the arrival of Filomina/friends . Did Knox wake up her mother in the middle of the night to tell her that she was very concerned that the Postal Police were returning two cell phones? Knox was unconcerned about the condition of the cottage until well after she saw the feces in the toilet ... no reason to call mom ... instead she had a slow lunch at Sollecito's apartment. It doesn't seem like she phoned to tell her mom about lunch at Sollecito's, since it was the middle of the night and no one (not Edda, not KnoX) remembers what was said.
    • 12:50 Sollecito talks to his sister
    • 12:51-12:55 Solleicto on cell phone with Carabinieri
    • 1:00-ish Filomina moves evidence in her bedroom: laptop, police intervene
    • There's some debate between Knox and Filomina about breaking down the door, Filomina agrees to take full financial responsibility and finally the postal police broke down the door.
    • 1:24 Knox phones her mother to say that Meredith has been found near the closet/wardrobe and she bled to death? "There is a foot"?
    • 1:24 Carabinieri Arrive
    • Knox updated her mother at 1:27, 1:29, 1:50 1:58, 2:45, and 3:31.

    Filomina says to break down the door. Knox says that Meredith routinely locked her door.

    Can you imagine the standoff between roommates Filomina and Knox as the Postal Police request permission to break down the door without financial liability. Filomina accepted financial responsibility for replacing the door and insisted that they break the door to check on Meredith. Knox said that Meredith routinely locked her door, even though she and Raffaele had apparently tried to break down the door "in a panic" shortly before everyone arrived. It's also possible that Knox and Sollecito wanted Filomina and friends to help break down the down - without the presence of police -thus ensuring that the crime scene was permanently contaminated. That would have been a "get out of jail free" card. The arrival of the postal police put a huge munkeyrench into having the bedroom crime scene trampled by several people before police were notified

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