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    DE - Evan Dudley, 21 mos, beaten to death while mom was deployed, 3 Nov 2012

    Nikki and Evan Dudley

    In May 2012, I was sent on a 6-month deployment out of my unit.
    Since I am a single mother to a little boy, I left my baby in the care of a military family that I believed I could trust.

    On November 3, 2012, just 10 days prior to my return date,
    I was informed by my First Sergeant that my 21-month old son, Evan J. Dudley, was being airlifted to Alfred I. DuPont Children’s Hospital because he was in critical condition. I was rushed home to be with my son.

    On November 7, 2012, at 12:02 a.m., my 21-month old baby died in my arms.

    The next day, I was informed by a Detective that this was no accident and that my child was murdered.

    Evan’s death certificate indicates that a homicide was committed; that the immediate cause of death was “blunt force injury to the head”
    and that Evan “was assaulted to death”.


    Evan enjoyed eating, dancing, watching Sponge Bob, snuggling, and taking long walks with his mom.

    He was known for his immeasurable curiosity, his infectious belly laugh, his humor, and his tenderness.

    He had a lovable nature about him; you could not help but fall in love with him.


    In Memory Of Evan


    Petition for Arrest:


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    Oh, such a beautiful child.

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    I cannot find a SINGLE media article about Evan.
    What I posted is what I found. That is ALL that is out there.
    You guys this is Juliette all over again!

    Juliette is getting a small amount of Justice.
    ONLY because REGULAR people FOUGHT for JUSTICE for her!!

    Let's do the same thing for EVAN now.
    Let's get the media on his case, let's get his case out there and well known.

    These parents go out there and put their lives on the line for US.
    We need to do everything we can to get justice for their babies!

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    We have MSM: http://www.delawareonline.com/articl...icide?gcheck=1

    Thank you MsFacetious for your hardwork in obtaining official information for this case!


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    Thank you Salem for reopening his thread!

    Now... onto this 7 PAGE article.

    Have you ever handed your child over for surgery? Whether ear tubes or heart surgery.
    You know that feeling of handing your child to someone you don't know and watching the doors close.

    This woman did that... except her son was in a body bag.
    I cannot even imagine letting my child go forever.

    If this part of this article doesn't make you cry... I question if you have a heart.


    “I slapped her hand and said, ‘I have to do this myself.’ Then I held him for like seven hours.”

    By then Evan had been pronounced dead and she was told the coroner had arrived.
    The staff told her Evan’s body would have to be handed over.

    She bathed her boy’s lifeless body with a warm bucket of water, and dressed him
    in a pair of pajamas and a shirt that she had bought as a present for him overseas,
    before she received the horrific news. The shirt said, “My mommy was in Qatar.”

    She placed her dead son inside a body bag,
    zipped it up and gently laid the tiny corpse in a red wagon that she covered with a blanket.

    She walked the wagon down the hall to a door,
    where she gave the handle to someone on staff who took the body to a waiting coroner.

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    This is sad beyond words. I really don't see this as the same thing as dear Juliette's story - where the government could presume Juliette was with a loving mommy when her dad was deployed.

    This is a single mother, apparently the sole caretaker for her toddler son. For crying out loud, she would have been excused from JURY duty in this case. Yet she was sent overseas for 6 months with no family to care for this baby - just some friends on base.

    I don't think it's appropriate for single parents with sole custody and no partner (or even grandparents willing and able to step up) in the picture whatsoever to be forcibly separated from their preschool age child.

    And that may mean that single sole custody parents aren't appropriate for the military in general, and should be given an honorable discharge in cases where that happens. And they can work for another part of the economy, and parent their child.

    Maybe with a little media attention the prosecutor will step things up and press charges.

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    What a beautiful happy smile in his photos.
    This just made me so sad

    The exhausted, sobbing mother rubbed his legs and his hair, kissed his face and his little toes.

    “Please just keep fighting,” she pleaded. “You have to come back to me.”

    Nothing could save Evan.

    I hope this case picks up pace now at warp speed.


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    I signed the petition, and read the available pages on this case; even so, I don't understand it. If the child was in the home of the caretakes of the moment, supposedly fell down the carpeted stairs, but has his case written up as a homicide, WHY hasn't the adult at home been arrested for murder? Do the authorities believe another child may have been responsible?

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    That is exactly why Evan's Mom is upset.
    It seems so open and shut.
    In reality there is a lot more to it.

    They have to prove he didn't fall down the stairs.
    They have to prove it WAS abuse.
    They have to prove it had to be that one person.

    It definitely sounds like they are doing more than in Juliette's case!
    I do have hope there will be an arrest in this case, especially now that it's in the media.
    After that article I feel much more optimistic about the odds of an arrest.

    I haven't heard that there was another child at home when it happened.
    I get the impression the kids were pretty young.

    Jeanna - The Air Force approved the plan for the child's care.
    I am inclined to agree with you... but this mother doesn't appear to.
    She knew a deployment was coming and she felt she did what she could to prepare for it.

    From the same article:

    When Dudley was sent to Qatar in May with the 436th Logistics Readiness Squadron, a supply unit, Corbett and his wife, Aubrey Corbett, agreed to watch Evan occasionally and let him play with their young son and daughter as part of a family-care plan approved by the Air Force, Dudley said. Evan’s primary caretakers were another couple.


    “I was expecting it, being in the military. That’s what you sign up for,”
    she said. “You almost have to mentally prepare yourself before you even have children. Was I ready for it? No, because nobody wants to leave their child.”


    Evan often played with the Corbetts’ son, who is a few months younger
    . The couple also has a young daughter. Dudley considered Justin “a very nice person. He seemed to be calm. Good with kids. He was very respectful with me. If I ever needed anything, he would help me out.’’


    Though Evan’s stays at the Corbett home were usually only for a few hours, in early November he stayed with them for a few days because Holecek and Payne traveled to Pennsylvania and could not take the child.
    “Aubrey volunteered,” Holecek recalled. “She said, ‘We may as well keep him.’ ”

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    Just my opinion.

    Be thankful for each day. Live in the moment.

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    This kills me. I signed the petition and shared it on fb...

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    unfortunately I cannot read past the first page of that article - every time I attempt it, the page is aborted and takes me somewhere else

    can anyone summarize the rest of it please?

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    who is Kerri Marshall - the petition starter? I thought the mom, named Nikki, started the petition?

    ETA: neve rmind, found the answer on the FB page
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    Keri is a friend of Nikki's they both started the petition.
    Last edited by MsFacetious; 09-08-2013 at 04:14 PM.

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    If anyone else has any issue reading the article, please PM me.
    I want to make sure everyone can read it.

    Thank you so much to everyone who has visited Evan's thread.

    And a HUGE thank you to Cris Barrish for writing the article!
    Thank you for giving Evan a voice.

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