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    In the morning hours of February 16, 2012, Keyes set a home on fire in Aledo, Texas. Following the arson, he robbed National Bank of Texas in Azle, Texas.
    “There were two buildings separated by 40 yards, and both structures were involved when firefighters arrived, which was fairly early.

    “But there was no grass or vegetation burned between them. And it wasn’t the result of radiant heat from one to the other.

    “There were two separate fires.”

    V. K. E. C. lived by herself in the home, Padgett said. He said she was visiting her mother at the time of the fire.

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    Link #1 didn't work;


    New timeline details Alaska serial killer’s crimes in North Texas
    The Serial Killers Secrets


    The torching of a house and metal barn near Aledo seemed random, making it almost impossible to solve.

    Lanny Padgett, a Parker County fire marshal’s office investigator, had long ago run out of leads after the February 2012 arson fire.

    “Then, lo and behold, it was the FBI that came forward and said they had caught the person who did it,” Padgett said.

    But arson, as it turned out, was among the least of his crimes.

    Israel Keyes was an Alaska-based serial killer who is believed to have slain up to 11 people nationwide from 2001 to 2012. He was arrested in Lufkin in March 2012 and committed suicide in an Anchorage, Alaska, jail in December 2012, at age 34.

    “It’s surreal to think you’re investigating an arson and then you realize later a serial killer was in your are

    Read more-
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    Perhaps a coincidence, but there is unclaimed property registered to a John Keyes on Highland St. from 1994 and 1997. Highland St. runs into Terrace Ct. where he set the fire. I have not been able to make a family connection on that yet though.

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