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    Man using cluster balloons lands in Newfoundland


    YORK HARBOR, Newfoundland (AP) — A balloonist who was trying to cross the Atlantic Ocean using hundreds of helium-filled balloons landed short of his goal in Newfoundland.

    Jonathan Trappe reported that he was having trouble controlling his balloons before landing Thursday evening just south of York Harbor, according to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. He touched down safely and required no medical attention.....more......

    This doesn't look like France.....lol....

    He should feel very lucky IMO!

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    When I was a kid I dreamed of doing this. (Well, not trans-Atlantic, LOL, but for just a little ways, anyhow!)

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    Brought to mind, as we called him back then"lawn chair dude", from quite a few years back. Decades ago.

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