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    WA - Nicole Pietz, 32, found strangled, Lynnwood, 28 Jan 2006

    Mystery Surrounds Woman's Disappearance

    UPDATED: February 2, 2006

    LYNNWOOD, Wash. -- Family, friends and police are looking for a 32-year-old Lynnwood woman who has been missing for several days, KIRO 7 Eyewitness News reported.

    Nicole Pietz left her home for "an important personal meeting" Saturday evening in Renton but never arrived, police said.

    Her gasoline credit card was used Wednesday at a Chevron station in Kent, KIRO-TV reported.

    Detectives said they don't suspect foul play, but family members said they are concerned something is wrong.

    "She's always in contact with almost everybody she knows," said David Pietz, her husband. "It's very, very unusual."

    "Nothing, nothing is worse than not knowing where she is," said Gael Schneider, her mother.

    Nicole Pietz is 5 feet 3 inches tall and weighs about 125 pounds. She has dark blond hair and brown eyes.

    She was driving a charcoal gray, 2003 Volkswagen Jetta with a Washington State license plate 991 TEF.

    Photo at link:


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    Still No Clues In Disappearance Of Lynnwood Woman

    February 1, 2006

    LYNNWOOD - There are still no clues in the disappearance of a Lynnwood woman, whose 33rd birthday is Thursday.

    Last weekend, Nicole Pietz set out early in the morning to meet with friends. She never made it.

    That same Saturday, she didn't show up for a dinner party with friends and her husband of four years either. When she wasn't home by the next morning, her husband David called police and then Nici's parents in Arizona.

    "I knew we had to get on an airplane as soon as possible. For her not to come home at night - as a young girl she always called. Even if she's going to be ten minutes late she calls, because she's so considerate," said her mother Gael Schneider from her daughter's living room.

    Nici and her husband just bought their first home -- a condo in Lynnwood. The couple was under some financial strain and Nici just found out her beloved dog Boomer had cancer, but her family says she would never just leave. They've been searching ever since.

    "I'm just trying to focus on what we can do to find her. So that you don't let your mind go to the bad places," said her husband, David Pietz.



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    Website for Nicole:


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    This lady is a co-worker of my brother-in-law.

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    I think it is odd that this gal left home at 7:00 in the morning....was gone all day and all night but wasn't reported missing until the next day. If she wasn't in the habit of staying out all night it should have set off red flags for her husband. She didn't show up for a dinner party that night yet he wasn't concerned until the next day. I wonder if he tried contacting the friends that she was supposed to meet and found out that she hadn't shown up? Did he try to call his wife?

    If my husband who always had contact with me left home at 7:00 am to meet friends and then didn't show up for a planned dinner party and didn't call me I would really begin to worry. If he was a responsible person and this was totally out of character I would really be worried and be calling everyone that we knew trying to find him. If he didn't come home all night and that was out of character I would really be scared. It's a different story if this behavior is the usual behavior of your spouse but if it isn't I'd be on the phone to LE without a thought believing that something was wrong.

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    Doesn't look good or sound quite right, IMO.

    Did she speak with anybody in addition to the last person who saw her at 7 AM Saturday? Going back to read the entire article @ the link.

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    I don't have a news article link, but it is my understanding from posts at www.findnici.com that the credit card charge on Wednesday was actually from previous to when she went missing, it just didn't post to her account until that day.

    I tried to post flyers at a few rest stops north of Lynnwood off I-5, but wasn't allowed to. I'm going to see if anyone can meet at the Alderwood Mall on Tuesday to hand out flyers.

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    I just heard back from Guest Services at Alderwood. We can post a flyer at the Guest Services desk and are allowed to approach stores and see if they'll post a flyer, but we can't stand outside and hand them out. I'll be there tomorrow at 11:00 am.

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    Does anyone know specifically who the friends were, and where they were to meet? That seems like it they're asking the public for help, it would be most helpful to know what route she could have been expected to take, maybe she got there early or late and was seen hanging around, etc. Meeting with friends at 7 a.m. is so unusual, in my life, that it's an important clue.

    When was the last time anyone other than her husband saw her, does anyone know?

    Edited to add: Reihlworld.com has two different stories of where she was going, and it may just be that the media got it wrong. One story reports she was going on an "important personal errand", and the other reports she was headed to work at the phone company.

    I'm getting more and more curious why the husband didn't report her missing before the next morning, and apparently went to the dinner party without her.

    Edited to add:

    Here's a good link, more info, but still no clarification about where she was going at 7 a.m. Also, a cryptic clue - there's been "little cell phone use on her account". What does that mean? That there has been some?


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    On a news site I read it also stated her husband and herself were having financial problems. It all sounds weird. Little cell phone use? It's either used or it's not!

    Thanks for reading my posts!

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    Still waiting to hear about the identification of the body found in Burien...maybe tomorrow.

    In the mean time, Sarah and I went to Alderwood mall and personally handed out flyers at every store, restaurant and kiosk. I heard a lot of "She's still missing?" and "I live here and have never heard of her." Just reaffirms how important it is to keep her name out there and remind people that she is still missing. Lots of store said they couldn't post the flyers in their store, but would put them in their break rooms and take them with them in their cars. People were very nice.

    I also stopped at the Quilceda Village WalMart and HomeDepot in Marysville. The only place that wouldn't even take one courtesy flyer was WalMart. The guy said that the missing persons bulletin board in front of the store is only for kids and they only come from their corporate office. He was kind of rude, but maybe he was having a bad day.

    I also met the Security Supervisor at the Tulalip Casino and he took a few flyers.

    All in all, I think we handed out about 200.

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    It has been confirmed that the body found in Burien is that of Nici Pietz. My condolences to all of her friends and family.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aunt_Tulip
    It has been confirmed that the body found in Burien is that of Nici Pietz. My condolences to all of her friends and family.
    Oh, no!! I just started reading this thread today and became interested. She was such a cute girl. How awful.

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    Oh my. I'm so sorry for her family. My condolences to all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aunt_Tulip
    It has been confirmed that the body found in Burien is that of Nici Pietz. My condolences to all of her friends and family.

    Thanks, Aunt_Tulip. I live in Lynden (5 miles South of the Canadian border) and I was working out in our shop when I came in for a break and caught the name Nicole on the news. I remembered this thread, and thought "oh, no". Something is definately wrong with the circumstances of her disappearance.

    My heart and thoughts go out to her family tonight.

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