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    France - Caroline Corvalan, 33, Paris, 20 Aug 2013

    Dismembered body of female French television journalist found under Paris street. (Mail)
    • The body of Caroline Corvalan, 33, was found in a service duct
    • Decomposed torso was found by maintenance men last week
    • Police said there had been a mysterious burglary at her nearby flat

    The story at the link. Francophones also will want to see....

    Tronc retrouvé à Paris : mystère autour d'un cambriolage chez la victime. (Le Figaro)

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    June 2017, translated by Google:


    The alleged murderer of Caroline Corvalan, a young journalist whose mutilated body was found in 2013, was released. He denies killing the journalist. For four years the investigation has stalled...

    A suspect, a 28-year-old Egyptian, was indicted and imprisoned in November 2014 for intentional homicide and damaging a corpse more than a year after the incident. He was already being prosecuted for the stolen cell phone stolen from the victim, whom he claims to have bought from Barbès.

    Four years after the murder, investigations are continuing to try to elucidate the circumstances of this murder. "The investigators are confronted with the absence of a confession and a materialized crime scene," says a source quoted by AFP. Areas of darkness persist especially on the time and attendance of the victim before his death, according to the same source...

    Last March, the Crime Squad launched a call for witnesses to gather any evidence relevant to the investigation.

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