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    Quote Originally Posted by haden View Post
    I don't trust officer in charge of Madeleines case, Amaral. He was charged with a crime regarding the disappearance of another child which was never found. So he is now a convicted criminal?
    Then he went on making money out of Madeleine's case.. what kind of a professional is this?
    If he was in the UK he would be in prison.
    Plus while he was in charge of Madeleines case he failed to do what Scotland Yard did now, find the Jane Tanners e-fit. Why he never interviewed the creche parents and why he hasn't checked the CCTV near the Smiths sighting is beyond belief..

    A judge found her guilty of lying about the police beating her up.

    Also the mother Cipriano was found guilty of wasting police time and her sentence for MURDERING HER DAUGHTER in a terrible and VILE way was added to.

    Its just a shame she took caused two officers to have penalties because they were trying to protect their own officers from her LYING....about them beating her.

    PLEASE if you are going to make statements at least do the research.


    Oh by the way her daughters body has NEVER BEEN FOUND either but they found blood and DNA etc.

    Sick of reading about this to be honest, she was a vile creature.

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    I agree with regards to them not really checking up on the children as often as what they've claimed, because they all knew that it would look bad. That's the reason why a lot of people have suspected some sort of cover-up. I believe the abductor probably had a broader window of opportunity to take her after noticing the pattern.

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