More controversy for Judge Sarah Bradley as freed rapist allegedly attacks same victim again

A CONTROVERSIAL judge is in the firing line again after an accused rapist was set free and allegedly raped and stabbed the same woman.

The charges were withdrawn and the accused rapist was freed from custody.Two days later police claim he allegedly tortured and raped the woman in an attack in which she was again stabbed multiple times.

Judge Bradley was previously at the centre of an international outcry when nine males escaped imprisonment despite admitting to the rape of a 10-year-old girl in Aurukun.

"Don't stay around Mount Isa because you're more likely to get into trouble here,'' Judge Bradley told the man.

"But that's the end of all matters before the courts in Queensland, so you're free to go now but stay away from (the woman) and don't break the law again.''

What????? Telling the bad man to just 'stay away' and 'don't break the law' is her answer? I have no words.......