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    CO - Scott Liles & Reba Doyle for child abuse, Greeley, 2013

    I just saw this on my local news. It is VERY hard to watch, so be forewarned. It is so incredibly upsetting that I wish I had not seen it. Due to my own PTSD issues from abuse growing up. I cannot even handle knowing, hearing or seeing a child being "regularly" spanked....so this was horrifying to me.

    This reminds me that there are so many other children going through this right now, yet there is no intervention for them as their suffering is done behind closed doors. Luckily this witness captured it on video. Another issue is that this witness took it to social services who refused to do anything. Also, they are only being charged with misdemeanor child abuse charges!!!!!!! this should be a FELONY!!!

    GREELEY - A Greeley couple is accused of slapping and shaking their 1-year-old baby.

    Video obtained by 9NEWS shows 21-year-old Reba Doyle slapping her baby three separate times, while her 21-year-old boyfriend, Scott Liles, shakes the baby for crying.

    Greeley police say a friend recorded the incident. The couple are both facing misdemeanor child abuse charges.
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    So thankful the friend was persistent and got video evidence!!!

    WTH is up with CPS blowing off her eyewitness account of abuse?

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    Thanks for the warning, I opted to not watch the vid. IMO there is a huge hole in most CPSs. If this child is returned to the so called parents, I've no doubt they will abuse again. IMO

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    I'm surprised the little boy's arm wasn't pulled out of the socket the way she picked him up. This baby is obviously just a nuisance to the parents....they don't want to be bothered by this baby, and are angry when he needs attention. If they treated the baby that way in front of their friend who videoed this, imagine how the baby is treated in private. You KNOW they were restrained with the friend there. I would love to put up a video in that house to capture the private moments. I don't understand how ANY child abuse charge can be a misdemeanor? ALL child abuse is serious.

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    Horrible! That baby should be taken away and allowed to grow up with a family that would love and cherish him.

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    Unbelievable. Some people can be so stupid. I am so happy the baby is healthy, doing great and with another family.

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    June 2014:

    According to an arrest affidavit accessed by 9News, Doyle and Liles initially denied having abused the baby, but acknowledged their actions after being shown the video.

    Doyle was subsequently arrested on suspicion of misdemeanor child abuse, and she pleaded guilty to the charge in March. Now, according to the 19th Judicial District DA's office, she's been sentenced to ten days in jail on top of the 34 days she previously served prior to posting bond, plus two-years' worth of probation and 24 hours of public service.

    As for Liles, he faces charges of misdemeanor child abuse and reckless endangerment, to which he has pleaded not guilty. His trial is scheduled to get underway on June 11.

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    Thank goodness for that friend!

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