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    Transcript of Interview with Colt Haynes' Sisters, Part 2

    Listen to the interview here:


    Key to the participants:

    H: Host
    MHS: Colt's older sister
    JHM: Colt's oldest sister

    (This is a slightly cleaned-up version, edited for readability. The raw version has been kept intact in a separate file.)

    H: Oh, okay, so there was a known relationship, either being a platonic or, you know, um, a romantic relationship. There was at least a relationship between the two.

    JHM: Yes.

    MHS: Yes.

    H: Okay, so they did know each other. Now, um, were you provided any kind of (unintelligible) details on the car? Because I understand, you know, there may be things you can't say and, and maybe even things the police, you know, did try to keep private so they can help identify a suspect later down the road.

    JHM: Well, it seems like every agency we have talked to had a different story. One says it's completely clean and the next one said they found this and this in the car.

    H: Okay, so no one's even giving you a real straight answer on what was found in the car, if anything.

    JHM: Correct.

    H: Okay, now, have you heard, happened to have heard if the steering column had been busted?

    JHM: I did not hear that.

    H: Because common sense will tell you if that, uh, column was busted, the car was stolen. If it was intact, it was loaned to him.

    MHS: From what I understand (unintelligible) left in it.

    JHM: They didn't say. They said that the condition it was in, it was still probably drivable.

    H: Oh, okay, all right, all right.

    JHM: Um, the other thing I've heard said they found some of her items in the car, and then someone else, another agency turned around and said there was nothing in the car, no fingerprints, no anything, so…

    <snip> (technical issues with the broadcast)

    H: Um, now, moving on, after the chase, you know, well, we can't establish what condition the car was in because, like you said, some agencies have said that the car was clean. That's the only story I've heard. I haven't heard anything about there being anything in the vehicle. You know, all the accounts I've heard was that it was wiped clean, the car was totally cleaned out, you know, and just nothing was found with the car. And this is the first I've ever heard of anything feeing found in it.

    JHM: Right when it happened, um, one of the Love County police officers… I ran into him on one of the back roads. I was driving while I was looking for Colt, and he, you know, we had stopped so many times he pulled over to see what, if we needed any assistance or what was going on. And he told me his son worked at the Lone Grove Police Department and that they had pulled in the car and they found her purse and her ID in the car. That's what he told me. I don't have a report that says that, but the police officer told, personally told me that they had found her ID and her purse in the car.

    H: Oh, wow, I...

    JHM: So that was the very first story I got about the car. So...

    H: Now, did they find any of his belongings?

    JHM: Uh, I hadn't heard anything about that. I don't know if M heard anything about that, but that police officer didn't tell me that. He did tell me there were some papers in there, that he didn't know what they were, um, but his son told me that her ID and her purse were in the car. So...

    H: Oh, okay.

    JHM: … that's, that's all he told me, um, and that Lone Grove had it, had the car at the time, but that was a long time ago that he told me that. That was before I'd heard anything else about the car. That was right after they recovered the car.

    H: Oh, all right. Um, I mean, I just can't, you know, just can't believe all the different stories being told out there. You know, even the families being told different stories. That's just completely unbelievable.

    JHM: Yeah, yeah. Different police officers are telling different stories. And I'm sure he told me that not knowing that they weren't supposed to tell that stuff for some, for some unknown reason. I guess they were probably trying not to disclose that information and somehow it got out before they decided they weren't going to share.

    H: Okay, so they had a good idea that she was missing and, or that both of them were missing and endangered, basically from the get-go.

    JHM: Yes.

    H: Okay, because didn't it, what, take them like two, three weeks, uh, before they took them off the runaway list?

    MHS: Well, they never, they never put Colt on any kind of list. I went in…

    JHM: He'd gone missing...

    MHS: …and filed his missing persons report. And they have a warrant, a warrant out for his arrest.

    JHM: … (unintelligible) the report, too.

    MHS: Yeah.

    H: Now, now, I'm sorry, y'all were talking over each other. I didn't understand both of you.

    JHM: Sorry.

    H: Oh, that's fine.

    MHS: Okay, so they didn't, I filed his missing persons report. They didn't put anything out on him. Um, they didn't even file the report until a week after I went in and made it, and now all they have out on him is a warrant.

    JHM: They don't have him listed as a missing person.

    H: Oh, okay, all right.

    JHM: They said he's over, he's 21 and they are not going to look for him, is what I've been told.

    H: So that they're just going to, you know, just act like he went off on his own somewhere, even under this…

    JHM: Yeah.

    H: So even now he's not listed, listed as endangered. He's just listed as not around.

    JHM: Yes. He's just, um, they're just looking for him on warrants. That's, that's the only thing that would cause them to pursue him at all.

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    Transcript of Interview with Colt Haynes' Sisters, Part 3

    Listen to the interview here:


    Key to the participants:

    H: Host
    MHS: Colt's older sister
    JHM: Colt's oldest sister

    (This is a slightly cleaned-up version, edited for readability. The raw version has been kept intact in a separate file.)

    H: That's, that's something right there. Um, so, they didn't even, weren't even worried about him until y'all filed a missing persons report on him. Um, and they didn't even put…

    JHM: Apparently they're still not worried about him. They are only, they're looking for Molly but, she was under eighteen, but it took a long time for them to decide to actively look for her too. They had her, calling her a runaway for a long time.

    H: So they just had this idea or theory that they just got up and ran away together.

    JHM: Yes.

    H: Even given everything. Oh, that's… I don't...

    JHM: Yes. All the information that you have said was, you know, they knew all that stuff when they decided they were just runaways. They knew all that stuff.

    H: Every time I hear that it (unintelligible).

    JHM: We came to them with the phone calls and stuff.

    H: Okay, um, now, in the listing, it says that, or in the description I read, it said that y'all's, or that the last known contact with Colt was that he was calling, uh, that he had called somebody saying that he was lost on Pike Road, was it?

    JHM: Yes.

    MHS: Yes.

    H: And his ankle was broken. Um, did the, were either one of y'all the person he called or was it someone else?

    MHS: It was someone else. But I talked directly…

    JHM: Now, neither one of us knew...

    MHS: … to two other people…

    H: Uh, okay, I thought you talked directly...

    JHM: It was someone else and they failed to, yeah, well, and those people failed to notify us immediately. I mean, it was a while afterwards before they came forward and said he had called them.

    H: And did they not go out there and, uh, did they, did anybody go out there to look for either one of them? You know, because...

    JHM: Yes, they did.

    H: … I understand both of them were trying to call for, trying to call for rides.

    JHM: Yes, they did. Um, actually another person unrelated that doesn't know anyone involved, uh, commented on one of the fellows that had received a phone call driving in her yard with a four-wheeler, looking for him. So they went out looking for him.

    H: Okay, so somebody did go out looking for him.

    JHM: Yes.

    H: Okay, because I had heard one story that someone had been knocking on a door asking, have you seen my friend?

    MHS: No, he wasn't knocking on the…

    H: And that that person had…

    MHS: Uh, no, he wasn't knocking on the door. He just, he was in their yard at three something in the morning and the owner of the house come out and he said he was looking for his friend. Now, I didn't talk to this guy. I talked to two of the guys that he had called, uh, two of the other guys he had called and they told me the same story, that Colt had called and he was freaking out. Said that he was lost between Pike and Long Hollow Road in the woods and that his ankle was broken, the bone was sticking out, and they kept asking him if he could look up and, you know, see anything in the sky and he said I can't see an effin' thing. You know, I don't know which way is up and down. I don't know if he had hit his head or what had happened that he was disoriented, but they said he was pretty agitated and sounded scared and, and they both told me the same exact story so…

    H: So there'd be no reason to really doubt them.

    MHS: Exactly. And it, their story hasn't changed. I question them. I make them tell me the story over and over and over again and it does not waver, not one single bit.

    JHM: The lady whose yard they were driving in, she didn't know them and she didn't know us either. She just somehow happened across the story on Facebook and told us about the incident she'd had in her yard that morning, at like 3:00 in the morning. So, I mean, that's the only way that, and that, you know, that goes back to telling us the story is true also that they went and looked for him because she doesn't know anybody involved and so she would have no reason to fabricate that story.

    H: Okay, you, because that's one question I'd always had on my mind. You know, did anybody get up and go look for him? Because I've heard stories that the last known contact from Molly was that 911 phone call. I've heard other accounts saying, no, that she was calling and texting friends, and then the family saying, you know, well, we know those weren't from her.

    JHM: Whaaat?

    H: You know, you know…

    MHS: I, I do know, uh, one guy told me that he talked to her at six, a little after six that morning, uh, because he was on his way to work. And he said it was definitely her. I asked him several times if he was sure and he said, yes, it was Molly that I talked to. So I don't know if they just haven't talked to him or if, you know, he hasn't…

    JHM: Well, he, yeah, he said she called him and asked him what he was doing and he said he was on his way to work and asked her what she was doing and she said, oh, I'm over here on Long Hollow Road with Colt. And he said Colt who? And she said Colt Haynes. And he said, oh, well, I'm on my way to work so I'll just let you go. And he said, if I had've known she was in any kind of trouble or needed help of any kind I wouldn't have, you know, just blew her off like that, but she didn't act like there was anything wrong. He said, I immediately had told her I was on my work to work, though, so, you know, maybe she tried to call somebody else to give her a ride, thinking that, you know, he's on his way to work, I'll just call someone else.

    H: You know, well, also at the same time, she may not have known there might have been any, you know…

    JHM: Danger.

    H: … looming, lurking danger.

    JHM: That's what I said. She may not have realized, you know, how much danger she was actually in at the time, or how close she was to losing the rest of her battery or, you know. If she had realized how much danger she was in, she would have sounded picnicked, I'm sure. But I'm sure at the time she had no idea…

    H: Hey, you know, we need to get out of here now.

    JHM: Yeah, what kind of predicament she had herself in.

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    Transcript of Interview with Colt Haynes' Sisters, Part 4

    Listen to the interview here:


    Key to the participants:

    H: Host
    MHS: Colt's older sister
    JHM: Colt's oldest sister

    (This is a slightly cleaned-up version, edited for readability. The raw version has been kept intact in a separate file.)

    H: Right. Um, now, did either one of them, to y'all's knowledge, ever make contact with anybody saying that they were being followed, they were being chased, because… ?

    JHM: No. I didn't hear anything about any of that.

    H: Oh, okay. So the last known contact was that they were lost in the woods between Pike and Long Hollow Road, which is right in the middle of their, right in the middle of their properties. Right in the middle of it.

    JHM: Yes. And it's really, it's a pretty dense area and really, uh, it's not level terrain at all. There's lots and lots of creeks and things all through there that are not even, even traversed. Because we couldn't have taken four-wheelers or anything through there.

    H: Oh, you wouldn't have even been able to get four-wheelers down in that area.

    JHM: Well, I know they, they've flown, you know, the cops say they've done aerial searches for them and stuff, but the foliage was so thick, they wouldn't be able to see them probably anyway.

    H: Right, right, they were probably just, you know, looking for some kind of movement. You know, that would seem out of the….

    JHM: Anything, you know...

    H: Yeah. Um, well, I was not planning on going to (unintelligible). I'm just having like a hundred questions popping up in my mind. I'm trying to organize them right now. Um, so, neither one of them had established a, you know, some kind of final point danger saying help, I'm being chased or… Is there… ?

    JHM: Huh-uh.

    H: Um, I'm not being, I'm not being critical. I'm just trying to, you know, answer questions for myself at this point, because I'm trying to piece things together, you know, a constructive timeline on this. Um, is there any type of evidence or any type of anything anybody is saying that has said that their last known, that their last known was with the driver? You see what I'm saying?

    JHM: Yes. Yes, uh, yeah, it's kind of fishy that they were, that they would have been with him anyway, because Colt, him and Colt were known to be not friends. They, they were not at all friends. And so it's kind of odd that they were in the same vehicle together in the first place. But he has been, he, to mutual friends of ours he has, you know, said that he was with them.

    H: Oh, okay, all right. All right. Um...

    JHM: He will not, he will not come publicly say that. He will not say anything in front of the cops. He has been heard to say many, many comments about not wanting to go to jail and things of that nature.

    H: Right, um...

    JHM: But that is, I haven't heard him directly from his mouth, so it is hearsay.

    H: Right.

    JHM: So, but I, I do believe they were in the car with him.

    H: Oh, oh, of course, of, course. Um, I was…

    JHM: Yeah. But there's no actual physical evidence, besides what was, what they say was or wasn't in the car.

    H: Right. Well, if they knew, you know, that Colt and Molly were in the car, and…

    JHM: Yeah.

    H: … there's enough, there's enough connections to say that that other person was in the vehicle too. See?

    JHM: Yeah.

    H: If, and, just, just using, um, common reasoning, if they were out in the woods after this, you know, there… I mean, if I got in trouble, you know, I've been in trouble before. If I was in trouble with my buddies, with my friends, and something happened, they wouldn't be, you know, trying to (unintelligible) somewhere. We'd all be together and be trying to find rides.

    JHM: Yeah.

    H: You know, especially in that kind of area...

    JHM: Yeah, there's a lot of, there's a lot of little stuff. Um, like, she didn't pick up her last work check. A person that age, if they're running off, they would have picked up their check on the way out.

    H: Yeah, they would.

    JHM: She never did pick that up. Um, he hasn't called to check on his child, and he's been in trouble a few times and he has always called M. He has never failed to call his sister, uh, even if he was in some kind of trouble.

    H: Right.

    JHM: Especially if he was in some kind of trouble. Um, because she's never failed to help him out. So there's no reason for him to hide from her.

    H: And there's… You know, you, because what we're doing right now, you know, I'm not trying to doubt y'all, you know, I'm not doubting y'all one bit. I'm just trying to establish that he is missing. He did not run off voluntarily. Something that night happened in that woods, and they were…

    JHM: Yes.

    H: … and they were trying to get away from this individual, and this individual knows their exact whereabouts at this very moment, and he's not saying anything.

    JHM: Yes.

    H: Um, has there been any type of evidence that he, that as of right now that he is okay, or that either one of them are okay? Is there been anything leading to that? You know, like, um, maybe a strange text message from either one of their phones or something on Facebook or some type of sighting? Is there anything that, you know, that people can grasp onto to say that they are okay or they're in some situation that they just can't get out of right now? Has there been anything?

    JHM: No.

    MHS: Uh, no, they actually, they actually reassigned Colt's phone number to somebody else because it was, it was a GoPhone, you know, so somebody else has his number now.

    JHM: Yeah, we've been...

    H: All right.

    JHM: And now you reach a stranger because they have assigned his phone number to someone else's phone now.

    MHS: Yes.

    JHM: And that's long enough to have reassigned it.

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    Transcript of Interview with Colt Haynes' Sisters, Part 5

    Listen to the interview here:


    Key to the participants:

    H: Host
    MHS: Colt's older sister
    JHM: Colt's oldest sister

    (This is a slightly cleaned-up version, edited for readability. The raw version has been kept intact in a separate file.)

    MHS: And that poor guy, I think I might've scared him because, boy, when he answered the phone I questioned him and questioned him.

    H: I don't know nuthin'! I don't know nuthin'!

    MHS: Yeah, he did, he was just…

    J: I know...

    MHS: Well, it was his work phone. His boss actually got on the phone and verified. She said do you want me to call AT&T ? I said, uh, yes, yes, I do. I said, you know, I don't want to be difficult but this is my little brother. I need to know that, you know, this is on the up and up. And she did, she was, she obliged, but that poor boy. I felt so bad.

    H: I, I cannot believe, I only imagine that situation. Uh, have y'all been able to get his phone records to verify everybody that he's called that night?

    MHS: I have not. Um, AT&T told me that I was unable because he was of age, and if his phone records needed to be gotten, it would have to be by law enforcement or him himself.

    H: And, you know...

    MHS: And I do know law enforcement got it.

    H: … law enforcement really...

    MHS: Yes, they do have it. They do have his phone records.

    H: Oh, okay, all right. Um, I'm trying to steer this back to where, you know, my original intention at the beginning of the call here. I do apologize if I seem unprepared. I'm just trying to grasp everything, make everything flow together here. Now, um, Colt…

    JHM: Well, if any, if anybody is interested in looking, he, he has a Facebook page called Justice for Colt!, and if you'll pull that up you can see pictures of him and Molly both on there.

    H: Okay, okay, yeah, I…

    JHM: If anyone is interested in looking and see, you know, if you happen to see someone. I'm still holding out hope that he's out there somewhere doing the wrong thing. I don't want him to be doing the wrong thing but, you know, only two options with this scenario.

    H: You want him out there raising hell, causing trouble, and just…

    JHM: I do.

    H: … too embarrassed to call home.

    JHM: I do.

    H: And that, that's something, you know, I've been… What if they were runaways? What if they are, you know, just… Maybe something happened where they screwed up really big and they think they can't come home?

    JHM: Just call somebody and tell us you're alive! Just call somebody, Colt!

    H: And, and so you…

    JHM: Anybody! And tell us you're alive!

    H: You know, we've been trying to put their names out there, you know, and we've even spoken directly to you, so that way if they do somehow, you know, get ahold of it, we're trying to, everybody's trying to spread their names enough so if they try to Google search their own name they'll see, you know, exactly everything, saying, look, just let us know something. Um...

    JHM: Yeah.

    H: Um, now, after all this, you know, after everything of the events that night have happened, um, what has been the police… Uh, you always say the police really aren't working with y'all at all. They're not even at all concerned, you know, that he's missing and everything. Um, have y'all been able to put together any type of search team for this? Any type of group of people that are actively searching and actively investigating, trying to find Colt?

    JHM: We did. We did do a search, um, on a lot of the surrounding properties. And we were allowed access to some and some of it we weren't allowed. Some people were, um, not interested in letting us search on their property, um, and there was other people that were, flat-out said there's no possible way you're coming on my land.

    H: And would, would it safe to assume who those people were?

    JHM: Yes.

    H: Okay, that's what I was figuring. Um, as far as investigations, you know, the police really aren't taking him into consideration. Have y'all been able to get anybody to hold an actual investigation as to what happened to Colt himself? Did Colt, uh, was Colt working anywhere, um, or anything like that, or have any type of specific routine?

    MHS: No, not that I know of.

    H: Okay, so he didn't, he wasn't working or anything?

    MHS: Huh-uh.

    JHM: No, I don't, he wasn't, he wasn't working. He, uh, actually he hadn't been out of jail very long.

    H: Oh. We've all been there. I ain't judgin'.

    JHM: You know, and that goes back to hoping he's out there doing the wrong thing and running around playing. But, you know, and…

    H: Knowing, knowing he's wanted and just doesn't want to go back to jail.

    JHM: Well, they, they say, you know, they're looking for him for probation violations, and the only probation violations he has had has been after he went missing.

    H: Oh, okay, I see, I see what you're saying. I see what you're saying. Um, now...

    JHM: He's never, he's never missed any of those, he's never missed any of his time visiting with his son. He's never missed, you know, he's never went a whole week without calling M. He's never, you know, there a whole lot of little stuff to tell us he's just, not just, you know. He, he...

    H: He's not just out running around.

    JHM: He's in some serious, serious trouble of some kind. And I'm, I'm hoping it's the kind that he's still alive, but…

    H: Now, um...

    JHM: … it doesn't look good.

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    Transcript of Interview with Colt Haynes' Sisters, Part 6

    Listen to the interview here:


    Key to the participants:

    H: Host
    MHS: Colt's older sister
    JHM: Colt's oldest sister

    (This is a slightly cleaned-up version, edited for readability. The raw version has been kept intact in a separate file.)

    H: Well, you know, we're always holding out hope, you know, looking for any type of possibility that he is out there. You know, be it on his will or not, that he is still out there somewhere. Um…

    JHM: Yeah, yeah.

    H: Now, something that has always struck me strange is the Millers' account of when they approached the driver of the vehicle that night, approached him at what I assume was at home, um, where they asked where Molly and Colt were and he said I don't want to go to jail.

    JHM: Yeah.

    H: That is, that is a very odd response. You know, because of the way she...

    JHM: Yeah, he, he...

    H: I'm sorry, go ahead.

    JHM: He's been, there's been quite a few, um, instances where someone has said he said this, he said he didn't want to go to jail, or he's said he was not going to jail for murder or, um, that he doesn't want to talk about it because he doesn't want to go to jail. He's said that on numerous occasions. So..

    H: Okay, so, yes, he has said, so this wasn't a one-time deal. You know…

    JHM: Yeah.

    H: … but it still strikes me odd, what is being assumed. And I don't even want to say because I don't even want to, you know, consider that as a possibility, but that is more than just jail. To your knowledge, did they have anything on this individual?

    JHM: Yes.

    H: You know if, uh, so he had something big, you know, where he, where…

    JHM: He….

    H: …uh, Colt had had him by the b*lls.

    JHM: I, I don't know. He's on probation right now, so I know he's been in quite a bit of trouble. Uh, (unintelligible) anything.

    H: Okay, and that's something that was asked on the Friday show, that he was, if he was on probation. If the driver was on probation. I didn't know.

    JHM: That's right. I've been told he's on probation. That he, they…

    H: Oh, okay.

    JHM: … could, they could pull him in at any time, really, I mean, if he's on probation. His probation officer...

    H: (unintelligible) suspecting...

    JHM: His, uh-huh.

    H: Go ahead.

    JHM: Well, his probation officer has the right to search the property he's residing in at any time. So they could use that source.

    H: And his probation officer's…

    JHM: They could use that source, yeah. Sorry.

    H: Right. And the probation officer has refused to do that or, really not refused, just hasn't done it yet.

    JHM: Just hasn't done it.

    H: That's...

    JHM: They're saying a lot of stuff like they don't have enough concrete evidence to do that.

    H: They don't need it. They don't need it.

    JHM: They don't have enough cause. I know.

    H: And, you know…

    JHM: I know.

    H: … because I've been hearing the same thing from, uh, certain law enforcements in private… You know, because I've been asking, I've been asking my own questions. I mean, I'm not just some dude, you know, on the internet holding a talk show, trying to get listeners by having certain people on. When I do these shows, this isn't a representation of what I want to do. This, these are results of what I have done. You know, I have been asking questions. I have been asking around. I've known families of, um, certain law enforcement, I'll put it like that, where I've been able to, you know, ask about certain, you know, privileged things. Let me put it like that. You know what I'm talking about.

    JHM: Yes.

    H: That, that seem to live with protection that the rest of us can't get.

    JHM: Yes.

    H: And, everyone I've asked, you know, and I want to speak of the man in a, you know, in a good light. I understand this may not be a popular forum to do it, you know, but I'll mention him by name since I'll, I'm speaking of him in a good light, is JR. There is a lot of crap that does not look right.

    JHM: Yes.

    H: A lot. And J… A lot. And, um, JR has been known not to do things exactly by the book.

    JHM: Yes.

    H: Um, let people go when he shouldn't have, but he had a heart for them, you know, and let them go. You know, they weren't real troublemakers, so he let them go. He overlooked a few things. But one thing I am really having a lot trouble seeing is, I, I'm not trying to sound belligerent either, is covering up something of this magnitude. And, if he is, that is something that I would consider totally against his character. Is it possible, I don't even know how to say it, because there's, with everything…

    JHM: Hey, you know, if it was your relative and he said, you know, these people are making up all these rumors about me. i really didn't have nothing to do with that. I wasn't even in the car. You know, I've already been in this much trouble and they're just making this stuff up because I'm an easy scapegoat. You know, I see how it would be easy to convince someone that you didn't do something, that really wants to believe that you didn't do it in the first place.

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    Transcript of Interview with Colt Haynes' Sisters, Part 7

    Listen to the interview here:


    Key to the participants:

    H: Host
    MHS: Colt's older sister
    JHM: Colt's oldest sister

    (This is a slightly cleaned-up version, edited for readability. The raw version has been kept intact in a separate file.)

    H: Okay, so you're seeing what I'm saying. I'm not trying to...

    JHM: Yes.

    H: … get the man off with a free pass, but you do see what I am saying.

    JHM: Yes. Yes.

    H: Okay, good. (unintelligible) I did not want…

    JHM: I mean, I see both sides of it. I do. I'm hoping, I'm hoping he didn't. I'm hoping that this is all some kind of elaborate ruse and that he's off running around somewhere, you know, hiding, because he wants to go play. I hope that. I mean, I hope everyone is doing everything they're supposed to be doing. I hope everybody's doing the right thing. And when I'm not finding that to be, to hold up, you know?

    H: You're not finding that to be the case. Um, good. I mean…

    JHM: I, yeah, I don't think so.

    H: I just didn't want y'all, I just didn't want y'all to take offense to that because I am not here to offend y'all. I'm not here to say, oh, I don't think he, you know. That's not what I'm here for.

    JHM: Yeah, yeah...

    H: I am here to help. I'm here to get the word out.

    JHM: Yeah, you're thinking maybe he's not trying to be a bad guy. He's trying to help somebody out of a pickle or, you know, trying to…

    H: Or not even, not even trying to help family.

    JHM: Yeah. I see, I see what you're saying, and the bottom line is, you know, I don't… I'm not here to try to prosecute anybody or go sue anybody. I just want to find Colt.

    H: Right.

    JHM: I just want to find Colt and Molly. When it comes down to it, I hope he is on the right side. I hope everybody is doing everything they can on the right side.

    H: But it's not looking that way.

    JHM: It doesn't look that way. It doesn't look that way.

    H: I have spoken with some deputies and other people in private that have said that, you know, that they want to go on that property. They want to go search that house but, it goes back to that we just don't have anything to do it on. You know, but…

    JHM: Yeah.

    H: … if he's on probation, that's not exactly the truth. Well, you know...

    JHM: Yeah.

    H: … it's not, it's not a mystery. They can't just go walking, marching up on that man's property. That's something that his probation officer has to do.

    JHM: Yeah.

    H: You know, and he can do that, you know, fairly easy. Um...

    JHM: Now, with all the, even though it is circumstantial evidence, with all of it that they do have, they should be able to search the property.

    H: But, I mean, if you're the last known person with somebody and you're refusing to speak...

    JHM: Yes.

    H: … and people are saying that these things are going on, that these are things that he is saying, they don't need hard, concrete proof. That's not their job to get. Their job is...

    JHM: No, there is so much circumstantial evidence that it should…

    H: … to get, is to get probable cause.

    JHM: Yes, probable cause. And they have plenty of probable cause.

    H: You know, they can look at it and say, you know…

    JHM: Plenty of probable cause.

    H: They can look at it and say, is it probable that there was foul play? Yes, it is probable. It is probable that there was foul play. Is it probable that this individual was involved in it? Yes, he was the last one to, you know, he was the last one to be with them. Um, Molly's belongings were found in the vehicle. You know, with Colt's testimony, because it's not hearsay if it was said directly to somebody like it was over the phone, that's not hearsay.

    JHM: Yes.

    H: Um, that he said that he, that they were with this person, or that they were seen with this person, you have gone beyond the realm of circumstantials.

    JHM: They have real strong evidence. They have ample evidence to, I feel like they do have ample evidence to pursue a search warrant. They are just choosing not to.

    H: And, has there been evidence either way on what that is? On what that reasoning is?

    JHM: No, they...

    H: I set you up, I set you up pretty for that question, you know, to reply any way you want.

    JHM: I haven't gotten a good answer as to why not. We don't have enough evidence is the big consensus. And everything we have is hearsay. Nothing, you know, we don't have any concrete evidence. We don't have any…

    H: You know, that's it, the entire case is that, uh…

    JHM: That's the story I get.

    H: That's it. The entire case and the entire ordeal is a bunch of he said, she said.

    JHM: Yeah.

    H: According to them. According to them.

    JHM: Yeah.

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    Transcript of Interview with Colt Haynes' Sisters, Part 8

    Listen to the interview here:


    Key to the participants:

    H: Host
    MHS: Colt's older sister
    JHM: Colt's oldest sister

    (This is a slightly cleaned-up version, edited for readability. The raw version has been kept intact in a separate file.)

    (Lots of snips from this point to skip parts of the discussion that aren't giving us anything to brainstorm over, i.e. appeals to the public for information.)

    H: Um, now, how soon after y'all didn't hear, you know, how soon after that night were searches conducted?

    JHS: Um, it was a while before they actually got the search together.

    H: Oh, okay, all right. Um, you've got to excuse me. I mean, I've just heard so much, so much new, you know, so much new tonight that it's kind of thrown me for a loop. Um, now, there is a current petition going on, going around for a warrant to be issued. Um, have you heard, you know, the potential, uh, success of that? Because I know as of today there's been a little bit of rumor or talk that, you know, that this isn't exactly best way to go with that. Have you heard anything about that by chance?

    MHS: Um, well, I heard that we would probably be better off to get a grand jury, a petition to for the grand jury to investigate. But, at this point, I think we're willing to try anything.


    H: Um, are y'all actively trying to put together a search or an investigation team for Colt?

    MHS: Uh, like private investigators? Or are we talking like on the ground, trying to get on their property?

    H: Both. Both.

    MHS: Both? Well, I've talked to several people, but people just aren't as willing to help us. I don't, I don't understand why. It just seems that I get shut down every which way I turn. So…

    H: Now, have the Millers seemed to have been helping y'all out a lot on this? Um, you know, with information and cooperation and things like that?

    MHS: Oh, yeah.

    H: Okay. All right. I was, you know, I can't imagine it being any different. You know, I really can't, because I understand that Colt and Molly were long-time friends, you know, along with Garrett and all them, that they were real close friends. You know, so I couldn't imagine anything like, we're not going to worry about, you know, anything like that. Um, so, if someone came along and said they would be willing to help, you know, as far… Is there, what information would (unintelligible) be able to help them in their search and help in their investigations as far as on the ground, trying to get on land, you know, following up leads and stuff like that? Because there's, one of the main complaints I heard from, you know, from different law enforcement, because these are small town police forces, that, you know, they don't have the manpower to follow up on every single lead as quick as everybody would like them to.

    MHS: Right.

    H: Um, so I, you know, I guess the benefits to having an outside investigation team would be able to come in and help out following up on leads. Um, is that, you said that wasn't a suggestion or any type of service anybody's offered to you.

    MHS: Um, no. No, I…

    H: And if somebody was to offer, is that something y'all would be willing to take, or would like to take?

    MHS: Absolutely.


    H: Um, how old, how old is Colt's son?

    MHS: He just turned one.

    H: That, that's what I was thinking. God...

    MHS: On the 9th of October.

    H: I just, I just don't...

    MHS: On the 9th of October.

    H: He just turned one on the 9th of October?

    MHS: Mm-hm.


    H: But going back to that night, was Colt at all aware of that area? Did, was he aware of his surroundings that night?

    MHS: Um, I don't think so. I don't, not any time that I've known of that he's, you know, been down there in that particular area very much.

    H: Okay, because one of the stories I've heard about the driver was that they could have chased him around all night and never caught him. You know, that he knew that area like the back of his hand.

    MHS: Yes.

    H: And I just, I didn't know if Colt was familiar at all with that area or not. And, from the ….

    MHS: Not that I know of. I mean, he very well could have been, but not to any of my knowledge that he was.

    H: Okay, how far from home were they that night?

    MHS: Mm, well, Colt was living in Ardmore, so…

    H: So, okay, for some reason I was under the, I've known you lived in Ardmore. For, for some reason, I just assumed, you know, he was living in Wilson. So that's what? About 15 miles?

    MHS: Uh, somewhere around there, 15, 20, 25. Somewhere right in that particular area, yeah.

    H: Okay, so, I mean, it might have took him a while to get home, you know, so the chances of him being seen, if he could have just gotten to a road, he'd be able to go either way. He'd have a fifty-fifty shot of going the right way he needed.

    MHS: Right.

    H: Um, you know, or even a creek. You know, go left, go right, one of the ways are going to be right. You've got a fifty-fifty shot of going somewhere to the nearest place.

    MHS: Right. Now, had he headed south, I don't believe he would hit any road other than oil lease roads for approximately six miles.


    H: Uh, now, weren't they between Highway 32 and Oswalt Road? You know, along Long Hollow and Pike Roads?

    MHS: Oh, yeah.

    H: Okay, okay. Yeah, that's probably about, what, ten miles separation on those?

    MHS: It's pretty far, yeah.

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    Transcript of Interview with Colt Haynes' Sisters, Part 9

    Listen to the interview here:


    Key to the participants:

    H: Host
    MHS: Colt's older sister
    JHM: Colt's oldest sister

    (This is a slightly cleaned-up version, edited for readability. The raw version has been kept intact in a separate file.)

    (Lots of snips from this point to skip parts of the discussion that aren't giving us anything to brainstorm over, i.e. appeals to the public for information.)

    H: To your knowledge, has anybody been out to some of these oil rigs to see if they saw anything that night, saw people out there, you know, just saw someone that didn't look like they belonged?

    MHS: Uh, not, no, I haven't heard anything but, then again people just aren't forthcoming with me, so I'm just getting lots of rumors and hearsay.

    H: Okay, so you're not, so you're not getting a lot of direct information.

    MHS: No.

    H: And that's not right. Not right at all. Uh, now, you said that the nearest oil roads and nearest oil rigs would have been about six miles or so, give or take?

    MHS: No, no, no, no. It would have been about six miles give or take to the nearest highway or blacktop.

    H: Oh, okay.

    MHS: Now, I'm sure there's oil lease roads and stuff all down through there. But, you know, then again, if they're disoriented and it's dark, you know, you're not really going to notice them.

    H: Yeah.

    MHS: You know, with all red dirt (unintelligible).

    H: Now, um, is that creek out there, uh, does that, that probably runs through a lot of private property, doesn't it?

    MHS: Yes, it does.

    H: Um, are there any paths down there that you know of, that don't go through private property? You see what I'm saying? You know, where he could have found something, stayed off of private property? Were there any routes out of there where he would have been able to do that?

    MHS: I have no idea. I have, I don't know anything about any of that down in there as to who owns what, and I just kind of moved away from down there and don't know.

    H: Oh, okay, all right. I mean, I'm just trying to give a feel, you know, trying to give a picture of the situation that night. Um, man. I mean, I'm really having a tough time wrapping my mind around the lack of help y'all have had. I really am. And that's had me dumbfounded all night. Because these are questions that law enforcement should have been jumping to give y'all the answers to.

    MHS: Oh, yeah.

    H: And when did, you know, where was the last known location of my loved one?

    MHS: Right.

    H: Surely they've had people out there investigating, out there, you know, asking questions. You know, we know they've been running into people that haven't been very, you know, forthcoming or cooperative with law enforcement, but surely there's someone that has.

    MHS: Right.

    H: And it really seems that, for some reason or what, they're trying to push this case to the side and make it go away.

    MHS: That's about how it seems.


    H: Um, something I did want to ask, you know, I'm not asking you to go into the details or what those are, but do y'all get any type of regular updates on the progress of the case, either from the Millers or from law enforcement?

    MHS: Uh, yes. Uh, from (unintelligible).

    H: Okay, so they're not throwing you out of the loop.

    MHS: No, no, no. We pretty much share everything we know with each other and, you know, as much as it doesn't look like it, we stay in pretty close contact. Um, you know, because this is the way we look at it, you know, if one of them's found, the other one is, you know, bound to be found too. So…

    H: Um, something that just popped into mind. Uh, with his broken ankle, did anybody check with the hospitals, you know, in the immediate days to see if anybody with any type of leg injury had come in?

    MHS: Yes. I called hospitals from, oh, I don't know, Wichita Falls, I don't remember where all. I bet I called 80 hospitals, in a big…

    H: And nobody had come in with any type of, you know, ankle injuries or broken ankles.

    MHS: Not anybody that matched his description.


    H: Um, now has Sheriff R been in any contact, that you can disclose, been in any contact you, you know, trying to, you know…

    MHS: No.

    H: I'm sorry?

    MHS: No, I have not. I have not talked to him at all.

    H: Okay, so it seems like the head of the local investigation there in Love County really hasn't, you know, reached out to try to make contact with...

    MHS: No.

    H: Has anybody from the Love County Sheriff's Department done that, or… ?

    MHS: No.

    H: Oh, okay, so they seem to be keeping their distance from you.

    MHS: Well, yeah, it would appear so.


    H: If you could ask law enforcement any question without them getting upset or mad, or if you could make a request, you know, even to the Love County Sheriff's Department, would you have anything you would like to ask of them, or ask them directly?

    MHS: Well, there's several, several things I'd like to ask. Like, you know, why you haven't arrested the suspect, brought him in? I mean, I know he asked for a lawyer, but they still could have asked him questions. I'm sure that his lawyer would have advised him not to talk but, you know, you could have at least tried, instead of cutting him loose immediately.

    H: You know, try to show a little bit of a hand to, you know, maybe to get some information out of him.

    MHS: Exactly. There's several things, you know, like why is it so hard to get a warrant?


    H: Um, you know, why hasn't he been arrested? Why hasn't there, you know, at least been a search? You know, they say, well, under the Constitution, you know, the Fourth Amendment rights, you've got to yadda, yadda, yadda, and those are valid points. But he is under probation. Those warrants aren't needed. If his, uh, probation officer was in the neighborhood and said, hey, look, there's his house, I think I'm going to, you know, drop in for a random search, he could do that. He could do that in a heartbeat without any problems at all. So, the main question for them is, why haven't you done that?



    And that's the end of this interview.

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    TIMELINE - most based on what has been reported by MSM.

    June 28, 2013 - last time Molly's family actually spoke to her.

    July 6, 2013 - Molly & Colt at a home in Ardmore, OK. LE checked with this home after the missing person's report was filed and resident stated they were fine then.

    July 7, 2013 - Approximately 10:30 pm, a stolen 2012 purple Honda did a "doughnut" in front of a Wilson police officer and a pursuit entailed. The Wilson police officer pursued the vehicle to the Love County line. (Wilson is in Carter County). At that time, Love County LE took over the pursuit, but lost sight of the vehicle on Long Hollow Road and called off the pursuit. **it should be noted that according to locals, Long Hollow road is well known as a dead end road with a gate at the end. - reported by NewsOK on 9/14

    July 8, 2013 - Molly Miller placed a 911 call at 12:57 am. The call lasted 5 seconds, but Molly never spoke. The call went to Marietta dispatch. The dispatcher did try to call Molly back, but she didn't answer. ***According to family, no officer was sent to the 911 hangup even though Molly's phone pinged off of towers at Pike Road and Long Hollow Road.

    July 8, 2013 - Colt's family reports that he called several friends and said him and Molly were in a creek bed between Pike road and Long Hollow rd and that he had a broken ankle with the bone sticking out. They report that friends drove up and down the road yelling for him and honking their horn, while they had him on the phone, but he never heard the horn honking from his location.

    July 8, 2013 - Molly's family report that Molly called some friends saying she was on Pike road and needed a ride.

    July 8, 2013 - Molly's family report that, according to phone records, there were 33 text messages sent from Molly's phone overnight. However, Molly's family question if it was actually Molly that was sending the messages.

    July 8, 2013 - Molly's family file a missing persons/runaway report with Wilson Police Department. Verified by Wilson Police Chief, Felix Hernandez.

    On or about July 22, 2013 - Car was found abandoned in rough terrain in western Love County. Had run through a fence and over small trees and brush. Found not far from where chase ended. No blood or other signs of foul play on the car. - Reported by NewsOK on 9/14/13

    July 26, 2013 - LE no longer consider Molly a runaway and changed her status to Missing Endangered - KTEN10

    July 27, 2013 - search conducted starting at Black Gold Casino and heading down Oswalt Road. - KTEN10

    August 2, 2013 - Massive two day air and ground search - Ardmoreite

    August 7, 2013 - Another search starting again at Black Gold Casino.

    September 11, 2013 - Officials met at Carter County Sheriff's office with Molly's family. David Seals, special agent with the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI) said they have tips that Molly & Colt are alive and well in north Texas, central Oklahoma and southern Oklahoma. He also stated that they also have tips that they are deceased. - KTEN10 9/21/13

    September 24, 2013 - Search conducted near Pike road. Deputies stated when they got to the location, they found a 10' hole that was on fire. Tip came into Molly's family from a man that said he smelled a dead body. OSBI, local LE and Oklahoma Highway Patrol participated in the search and took samples. - KTEN10 9/25/13

    October 4, 2013 - News9 reached out to the driver of the car for a comment. Request for comment had not been returned and driver had hired a lawyer. - News9 10/4/13

    ***I will probably find more to add and if I do I will edit, but I wanted to get the bare bones of this case up.

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    Media Coverage:

    Jul 12, 2013: Wilson police searching for runaway

    Jul 15, 2013: Wilson Police Search For Runaway Teen

    Jul 25, 2013: Police Step Up Search For Missing Wilson Girl

    Jul 25, 2013: Missing Wilson Teen

    Jul 26, 2013: The Search for Missing Wilson Teen Continues

    Jul 30, 2013: Search for missing Wilson girl continues

    Aug 8, 2013: Community Organizing Additional Search For Missing Girl

    Sept 11, 2013: Authorities Meet With Molly Miller's Family

    Sept 13, 2013: Family of Missing Girl Speaks Out

    Sept 14, 2013: Oklahoma girl's mysterious disappearance prompts massive search

    Sept 15, 2013: Family of missing girl raising money for reward

    Sept 25, 2013: Authorities Investigate Area Near Pike Road For Missing Teen

    Oct 3, 2013: Family Of Missing Wilson Teen Speaks Out

    Oct 4, 2013: Friends, Family Speak Out For Second Missing Wilson Teen

    Nov 5, 2013: Family Of Missing Wilson Teenager Says Case Has Progressed

    Nov 11, 2013: Law enforcement continues search for Molly Miller

    Dec 2, 2013: Family offering $35,000 reward in hopes of finding missing teen

    Jan 3, 2014: One Sought, One Arrested In Connection With July Car Chase Involving Molly Miller

    Jan 3, 2014: Lone Grove woman arrested in connection with missing teen

    Jan 4, 2014: Family Reacts to News of Warrants Issued

    Jan 5, 2014: Woman arrested, fugitive sought in connection to Molly Miller case

    Jan 5, 2014: Warrants issued in connection with Carter Co. case

    Jan 6, 2014: Man surrenders to police, claims he has ‘no idea’ where missing persons are located

    Jan 6, 2014: Search Begins For Man Linked To Disappearance Of Molly Miller

    Jan 6, 2014: Woman arrested in connection with teen's disappearance, goes to court

    Jan7, 2014: Nipp in custody

    Jan 7, 2014: Man Connected With Molly Miller Disappearance Taken Into Custody

    Jan 7, 2014: One Arrested In Connection With Molly Miller Case

    Jan 7, 2014: Man wanted in connection with pursuit of Molly Miller and Colt Haynes arrested

    Jan 8, 2014: Nipp arrested, then released on bond

    Jan 8, 2014: James Conn Nipp Appears In Court

    Jan 8, 2014: One day after turning himself in; A man suspected in connection to teens disappearance is released

    Jan 10, 2014: While Authorities Still Investigate, Haynes' Family Members Speak Out

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    New leads in the disappearance of Molly Miller and Colt Haynes, who've been missing for well over a year, led investigators on Sunday to an area off of Pike Road, near Long Hollow Road in Love County.

    Lead Civil Investigator Phillip Klein, Equisearch, units from KIC Texas, and an OKlahoma State Bureau of Investigation representative combed the area from 9 a.m. until sundown.

    "We're following up on some credible tips that we have learned regarding the case," said Klein.

    James Conn Nipp, believed by investigators to be the last person who saw Miller and Haynes, is now serving a 10-year prison sentence for leading officers on a high speed chase through Love County. Investigators say the two missing persons were passengers in the car he was driving, which was later found near Long Hollow Road.

    The new leads bring new hope of closure to family members, but in order to protect the investigation, Klein could not answer all of our questions. When asked if they found anything during the search, he replied, "We're not releasing any information at this time," and when asked if this was the first time they'd searched this particular area, he said, "I have no comment. This is an ongoing search."

    After the search, Miller's cousin, Paula Fielder, posted this message in the Facebook Group "Operation Find Molly Miller:"

    "Today as everyone knows there was a search for Molly. It has been a very emotionally trying day. As of now we are unable to answer questions regarding what was found.

    I want to thank everyone for your comments and prayers. Specifically I want thank Texas Equisearch, Oklahoma Citizens Militia, OSBI and Klein Investigations. The hard work, professionalism and compassion you showed our family today was heart warming. It reassured us our Molly is in the best capable hands. Again thank you and much love to you all."

    UPDATE -- Monday Klein released this statement:

    "Investigators with KIC Texas, Texas Equisearch and a representative with OSBI conducted an evidence recovery operation on Sunday, January 4, 2015. During the course and scope of the operation some evidence was recovered that may pertain to the Molly Miller case. The area searched was based upon multiple credible tips given to investigators over the past few weeks. To keep the integrity of the search, evidence recovered and possible suspects involved, investigators will be unable to comment further on the operation. However, we strongly suggest at this point in the investigation that any party that knows something will need to say something. If you know something, witnessed something, or participated in something and you have not reported it to authorities – now is your time to do so. Withholding information could lead to a criminal offense. We want to as well urge the public in the Love County area as well as surrounding areas that if you have a tip – please call the Molly Miller Tip Line at 580-798-8157. Your information will be kept anonymous.”

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    Sheriff Joe Russell suspends himself...

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