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    Bus Driver Saves Woman From Jumping Off Bridge

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H9l2TaLb9Xs"]Bus Driver Saves Woman From Jumping Off Bridge - YouTube[/ame]

    Darnell Barton has become an American hero overnight.

    While driving his bus on the usual route, he noticed a woman hanging off the guardrail of a bridge over a Buffalo highway.

    “It didn’t seem real because of what was going on around… Traffic was going as normal, pedestrians going by as normal.”

    Barton can be seen in this bus camera video, published online by the Associated Press, pulling over and asking the woman if she was OK. He then calmly walked off the bus, put his arm around her, and pulled her to safety.

    “I was meant to be there for her at that moment. And I was.”

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    This was such a great story! I'm glad there are still people of this caliber left in the world.

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    Thanks for posting this!

    I just read about it in the Norwegian paper, so now he's a world hero!

    What a great act! I hope karma is coming back to him!

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    Donald Trump Gives 'Hero Bus Driver' $10,000

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    Mr Barton deserves every penny!! This story Gets me choked up - what a guardian angel, at the right place, right time!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elley Mae View Post

    Donald Trump Gives 'Hero Bus Driver' $10,000
    Money Karma has started!

    I just watched the video again; he is so calm and caring and does just the right thing.

    Hopefully, the woman will do better again too.

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    Nothing to see here, move along...
    "When the Coach calls you to make a play, you gotta go make the play. And that's what I did."

    Yuppers...and well done, too. Thanks for caring, Big Guy, and thanks for trusting the Coach when He called you.


    Herding Cats
    When you find yourself in the position to help somebody, do not feel burdened. Rather, feel happy and blessed because God is answering that person's prayer through you. In that moment, you are God's Angel - His door to reach through and bring light to someone who is struggling in the darkness.

    Be God's Light. Be God's love. Be an answered prayer. Be God's Door.

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