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    Herd of buffalo back home after roaming off range

    This is practically my old back yard in my hometown. Check the photos. Stampede!


    By Anica Butler

    Sun Staff

    Originally published April 26, 2005, 11:05 PM EDT

    Police dispatched more than a dozen cruisers and one helicopter. They shut down roads, and state highway workers closed a Beltway ramp.

    All to round up a herd of American bison disrupting rush hour and roaming through the upscale neighborhoods of Baltimore County's Greenspring Valley.

    Then -- with the nine beasts corralled within the fence of a condo complex's tennis court -- the real work began.

    You try coaxing thousands of pounds of agitated animal brawn into a trailer.

    "Hectic and smelly," said Larry Plimack, a property manager who joined with police to help capture the bison. It seemed that no one woke up Tuesday expecting to confront a challenge straight out of a Western movie.

    The bison made their escape early Tuesday from a farm off Greenspring Valley Road.

    Their owner, longtime demolition contractor Gerald "Buzz" Berg, said he was settling down to breakfast when a neighbor knocked on his door at 7 a.m. and told him the animals were on the loose. Berg said he has been raising the animals -- commonly, if not precisely, referred to by many as buffalo -- for about 10 years on his 40-acre farm, mainly for meat.

    He said he wasn't sure how they got out.

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    Here's a better site w/ photos that don't need registration...


    Maybe because it's "my land"...I just find it funny.

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    LOL ... I saw the pictures on Yahoo yesterday, the one of the bufallo leaping over the tennis net is just priceless!

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