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    UK - Diana Suttey, 35, Leverstock Green, Herts, 7 Sep 1956

    September 7th 1956
    Diana Suttey – Leverstock Green

    A number of people saw the killer, one of them probably even saw the murder, and someone else saw him dumping the body. Yet incredibly, he was never caught.

    The victim was Mrs. Diana Suttey, a 35-year-old hospital orderly, whose strangled body was found among bushes at Leverstock Green, Hertfordshire, on Friday, September 7th, 1956. Despite 65,000 statements collected from car owners, the killer vanished into thin air.

    A farmer’s wife actually talked to the killer when the car he was driving with Mrs. Suttey as his passenger stopped while he asked where the lane led. Later two schoolboys on their bikes saw the killer bending over his victim in the back of the parked car – “lovemaking,” they thought. The police thought this could have been the actual moment of murder.

    A little later still, a mile from where the car was first seen parked, three other boys saw a grey-haired man aged about 50, wearing kid gloves, carry something bulky from the back seat of a car. As he hauled his burden through ferns they saw a foot protruding from the mackintosh wrapping.
    more at link below:


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    The witnesses also included a van driver, and a farm labourer who had to manoeuvre his car past the killer’s vehicle on a bend in a narrow lane. Putting together all the information from the eight eye-witnesses, the man appeared to be 50 to 55, thick-set, about 5ft 8in, with a tanned, oval face and an appearance that suggested he could be Italian. Unusually for a man, his greying hair was parted on the right.

    THAT, is a very good discription.

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    Re - The the story of the murder of Diana Suttey.
    The case dominated the headlines across the country with a nationwide
    hunt for Mrs Suttey's killer being carried out.
    Mr Heslop, 62, who lives in Leverstock Green said he became
    interested in the case when he found out it was still unsolved.
    He said: "It had some unusual features. It was the first case to have
    a photo fit produced of the suspected murderer and also to use a line
    up of cars for witnesses to try and identify, and of course it's
    still unsolved."
    A number of people witnessed the body being dumped and The Gazette
    dubbed the crime `the kid gloves murder' after the gloves the
    murderer was said to have been wearing.
    Mr Heslop said: "It was an amazing crime because there were so many
    people, kids, people walking their dogs, mums pushing pushchairs, who
    actually probably saw the killer and the body being dumped.
    "I'm not suggesting the book will help solve it but you never know.
    The murderer was described as middle aged by the children who saw him
    and so he could be around 85 years-old now, but you never know."

    The following is an edited version of the Suttey murder from Mr
    Heslop's book.

    The quiet, narrow lanes to the east of Hemel Hempstead are largely
    unchanged over the years, save for the M1 motorway ....

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