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    MO - Lessie Lowe, 44, shot to death, St Louis, 10 Sept 2012

    First article Sep. 2012:
    "A Jennings man [JohnCunningham] used a shotgun to settle a fight with his uncle
    over pork steaks early Monday in St. Louis, police say."
    "The shooting in the home on Hiller Place stemmed from an argument between Lowe and Cunningham over
    whether the cuts of meat they were planning to cook were pork steaks or pork chops, police say.
    Cunningham said they were pork steaks, police said. Lowe disagreed.
    After the argument became physical about 1 a.m. Monday, the two had to be separated by someone else in the home, police say. Cunningham went to another part of the home, grabbed a shotgun and shot Lowe, police said."

    Today's article:
    "A jury has found a Jennings [JohnCunningham] man guilty of voluntary manslaughter in the fatal shooting of his uncle....." BBM SBM

    Did the jury's 7 hour deliberation include discussion about which cut of meat was about to go on the grill?
    Maybe we'll find out at his December 20 sentencing hearing.

    How sad that anyone, let alone two grown men, had a physical fight leading to a shooting and ultimately, death,
    over what to call a cut of meat.

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    Unless it boiled down to arguing over how much was spent on the meal since pork steaks are cheaper than chops.

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    The men were going to grill pork but were arguing whether the cut of meat was *pork chop* or *pork steak*???

    Oy, I will never understand.

    pork chop
    pork steak

    I wonder which picture they looked like?

    I am sure the pork looked nothing like a weapon
    Such a sad case. RIP Mr. Lowe.

    I have tasted both and neither is worth dying over.


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