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    Post Man, unhappy with ex-wife, buys house next to her and puts up gigantic middle finger

    This story is one that warms the blackened, icy hearts of the Odd News team. In Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, Alan Markovitz, not satisfied with expressing his distaste for his ex-wife in just words, has bought and moved into a home that sits right next door to a house thatís occupied byÖhis ex-wife. Thatís funny enough, but as WJBK Fox 2 points out, the cherry on top of this cupcake is an almost 12-foot high statue of a middle finger Markovitz put in his back yard, pointed toward his former love and her new boyfriend. more at link: http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/oddnews/...211042567.html
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    His taste in "art" is certainly questionable, lol.

    Why do they still live next to each other? Interesting. Why can't he let go? Seems to me the "art" would just keep bringing up all the painful memories daily, rather than letting it go and finding someone better.

    Unless I have included a link, it is my opinion and only my opinion that I am expressing.

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    He seems like a stalker and this could be seen as harassment. Doesn't she have a right to privacy and to live in peace?
    It may be funny at first but who moves next door to an ex? Except an obsessive ex who is a stalker? He needs to grow up.

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    His actions certainly make it clear why they split up. :x

    Unless I have included a link, it is my opinion and only my opinion that I am expressing.

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    I would think the property restrictions in that area wouldn't allow something like that. Its a wealthy area with some very beautiful homes. It sounds like that guy is a bit crazy and maybe even dangerous.

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    It may seem crazy to some but I would do the same thing if I was rich and wasted money! My grandson's mom has put my family through so much just because she is vindictive because my son moved on after their break up.She tries to control our family and almost monthly has caused drama in our family.Some woman even when they have moved on still will make life hell for the man who dares to move on! My son moved on and has had the same girlfriend for the past 7 years.His ex hooked up with her 10 boyfriend and he only is still around is because she was pregnant after 2 months and if he leaves her he will be homeless( as he was when they met)She supports him ,he does not work and he would have a second "baby mama" to pay! Only way she can keep a man with all her personality disorders.

    ETA I know it is childish but my frustration level is at full!
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