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If you would read the information available to you, you would know that he ONLY put her in ICU because her two boys were murdered and he was concerned (a) for her mental well being; and (b) media trying to get a statement.
Just in case he wants to make an issue of it:

9 Q. Okay. And after that, where do you
10 put her in the hospital? What is done under your orders?
11 A. The patient can be taken either to a
12 recovery room to recover from the anesthetic, the affects
13 of the anesthetic, until they wake up, or they can be put
14 in the intensive care unit. In her case, we put her in
15 the intensive care unit.
16 Q. Why did you decide to do that?
17 A. My concern was, just from what little
18 I knew of what happened. That I knew she had been
19 injured, and I knew one of her children was dead that I
20 had seen in the ER. And I was told another child was
21 dead at the scene, I was afraid that all this might be a
22 little too much for her.
23 Plus, I knew that there would be a lot
24 of media around, and I didn't want her disturbed, so I
25 put her in the ICU really so we could take care of her a
Sandra M. Halsey, CSR, Official Court Reporter
1 little bit closer and protect her from anybody who might
2 try to come in and bother her.
3 Q. Okay. What kind of patients are
4 usually taken to the ICU unit?
5 A. Usually critically ill patients that
6 need to be maintained on a ventilator, the breathing
7 machine. That's one criteria for putting someone in the
8 intensive care unit. Someone who is unstable. The blood
9 pressure is unstable, hard to manage. Someone who has
10 multiple injuries, like car wreck victims who will have
11 head, belly and pelvic injuries.
12 Q. Okay. So, Ms. Routier wasn't put in
13 the ICU because she was in critical condition by any
14 means?
15 A. No. Her injuries, by the time we
16 finished in the O.R., I felt pretty clear that we had
17 managed those, and those were of no further danger to
18 her. I was more concerned about her psychological state
19 after all this happened, when she would wake up, and
20 about protecting her from the media and all those kinds
21 of things.
22 Q. You were concerned being -- what you
23 knew about it was a stabbing and her two children had
24 been killed; is that right?
25 A. Correct.
Sandra M. Halsey, CSR, Official Court Reporter

1 Q. And you were concerned about her
2 psychological state and how she might handle that?
3 A. Yes.
4 Q. And also didn't want the press coming
5 in and asking her questions?
6 A. Correct.