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    FL - Three elderly widows beaten to death in Miami crime spree, Nov-Dec 1994

    Suspected Miami serial killer pleads guilty to 1994 murder of elderly woman

    Suspected Miami serial killer Reginald Smith, who has been facing the death penalty for a staggering 18 years without going to trial, pleaded guilty Wednesday and agreed to consecutive life prison sentences.

    He was first arrested in January 1995 for the vicious beating death of a 79-year-old widow, as well as the near-murder of another elderly woman and the robbery of a hair salon.

    Homicide detectives suspected Smith in the murders of at least two other elderly women, but there was never enough evidence to charge him. He agreed Wednesday to speak to Miami and Miami-Dade detectives about his involvement in those cases.


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    I'm glad these victims will finally have justice. What a vicious murderer to attack and kill elderly women who could not defend themselves.

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