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    I'm even more convinced Quinn is the guy if I google map Keyes' alleged activities seven months later in the exact same area. The fact that Keyes used caches proves he often retraced his steps. I would assume anyway that he would use the same routes when traveling between places. So the places he went to seven months later, in chronological order:

    1.) Keyes flies to Manchester, NH 4/8/2009
    2.) Keyes possibly abducts Debra Feldman (the east coast victim) from Schenectady, NY 4/9/2009 (let's assume he did)
    3.) Keyes robs a bank in Tupper Lake, NY. 4/10/2009
    4.) Hotel reservation Colchester, VT 4/10/2009

    If I map out the shortest route between 1 and 2, Keene NH is right on the route! Not halfway but kinda. That is where Quinn died. If Keyes killed Quinn then perhaps he made a cache in that general area, or just stashed a souvenir somewhere. Then 7 months later he could have revisited it while traveling between 1 and 2.

    Mapping all of the stops in order I get a big clockwise route. So my theory is he flew to Manchester for the purpose of seeing family in Maine, or maybe visiting his NY property. But instead of going there immediately he instead revisited a cache near Keene from 7 months before. He then continued on and abducted Feldman with tools from this cache. The next day he robs the Tupper lake bank and then travels on to Colchester, VT. He then ends this spree, as usual, by making a new cache, 7 minutes away in Essex, VT (the one he later used on the curriers). Then he then spends the rest of the week visiting family I guess. Alot of circumstantial speculation or whatever youd call it, but at least I don't see anything conflicting with the theory yet, but please prove me wrong. I won't be offended. Of course I'm sure the FBI can concretely rule this one out too ; )
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    Perhaps the "accident victims" were drowned or shoved down the steps of their home.

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