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    Trafficked child in China returns home after 20 years

    Not sure if this is the best place for this, but I couldn't find another thread, and I though it was an interesting case:


    He was five when he was taken, but tried his best to remember what he could about his own family. Those memories eventually helped him and a Chinese web forum locate where he came from.
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    Smart kid, remembering all those details for so long. The volunteer group Baby Come Home sounds wonderful and reminds me of all the dedicated people at WS! So it seems the adoptive family knew they were adopting a trafficked child. Where did they think the child magically appeared from? I doubt they thought the child came from an orphanage or they would have gone and chosen a child on their own. He has an adopted sister, so I'm betting they wanted a son and orphanages are filled with girls, not boys. It must be very commonplace if there is a volunteer group dedicated to helping trafficked children find their birth parents. Very sad.
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    Growing up in Canada but being from a Chinese family, my parents seldom let me go out, even in high school, because they somehow believed human trafficking is a worldwide phenomenon with the same prevalence as what it is in China. I wish such evils didn't exist. Then my parents would have had less of a need to be so misguidedly overprotective. And it is terrifying how many victims there are.

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