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    Sorry to hear her life was short, but as long as it was secure, that makes me feel better. A "successful" runaway, I guess.

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    I am guessing this is what the post upthread was talking about:


    Stark woman missing for more than 50 years - or was she?

    Anita Drake, 15, left her Nimishillen Township home in October 1963, never to return.

    It is the oldest unsolved missing-persons case at the Stark County Sheriff's Office. And it soon may be officially solved 53 years later.

    A woman from Minnesota believes Anita Drake was her mother and she's taking steps that could answer many unresolved questions about Anita's life and her connection to Stark County.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tygress66 View Post
    Anita Drake was not murdered, she was a runaway. I have proof and have been in contact with the Stark County sheriff's office and with the surviving members of the Drake family to put this mystery to bed. I am not going to release any details publicly until the relatives I've talked to have had a chance to talk to the rest of the family, but I will say she lived out her life, and while it was short, it was secure and comfortable, and she was surrounded by people she loved and who loved her very much.
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    I'm glad she got to live a happy life somewhere else.
    I liked it. I was good at it. It made me feel alive.

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    Does anyone know the outcome of the DNA test? I didn't find any information when I googled.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BillieL View Post
    Does anyone know the outcome of the DNA test? I didn't find any information when I googled.
    Her NCMEC page is gone. On the Doe Network forum, there was a closed case notice saying she was "recovered". This hasn't been posted on her public file, though.

    Cali Doe was Tammy Jo


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    NamUs still online

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    Just got this from NCMEC:

    Dear Poster Partner:

    Anita Drake missing from Louisville, OH, has been recovered. Please discontinue dissemination of this poster. Your participation in this program has made a valuable contribution to this recovery.

    Please remove and discard any posters on this case that you have placed in public view.

    Thank you for your support.

    The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

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    Anita Drake became 'Lynda Smith'

    Danna Smith Casey, a woman from Minnesota, had stepped forward in 2016 claiming that her mother was Anita Drake, more than 50 years after Drake had gone missing.

    The DNA results have taken nearly a year to analyze, but the results have confirmed Casey’s claim, and the mystery has been solved.

    Anita Kay Drake

    Anita, 15, disappeared from Louisville, Ohio on October 15, 1963. She ran away to Texas, married and changed her name to Lynda Smith, had a daughter, and died of cancer in 1994. Smith told people she was orphaned when her parents died in a car crash, and it wasn't until her husband died in 2010 and her daughter was settling his estate that she found the documentation of her mother's name change and began looking into her background. In 2016, Smith's daughter learned of Anita's disappearance and submitted DNA to see if Anita was her mother. The positive match was made in March 2017. Anita had run away to escape an abusive situation. One of her sisters and some of her friends knew about it, but kept her secret.

    http://www.doenetwork.org/closed2017.php (*Far down on the page*)
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