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    Brazilian polio survivor who has lived 43 years in a hospital


    Sao Paulo (CNN) -- Paulo Henrique Machado shares pictures of some of his most cherished memories: the first time he saw the beach, a Formula One race and a party from his childhood when all his friends dressed as clowns.

    And yet he has lived the last 43 years -- almost his entire life -- in Brazil's biggest hospital.

    As an infant, he contracted polio and was left paralyzed from the waist down. He breathes with the help of a respirator........

    His mother died two days after he was born and the rest of Machado's family soon stopped visiting......

    Machado trained as a computer animator and wrote a screenplay for an animated series. With the help of crowd-funding and a group of animators, the series is coming to life.

    "They're inspirational," says Dr. Nuno Da Silva, a physician who has worked in the ICU since 1988.

    He says that when they have patients who have been paralyzed in car accidents they take them to spend some time with Machado and Zagui.

    "They're examples to show it isn't the end of the world," he says.......

    More at link....

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    Very inspirational stories.

    I recently heard of Mark O'Brien. He was also paralyzed due to polio. The movie Sessions is about his sessions with a sex surrogate.


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