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Poll: What do you think happened to Teleka Patrick?

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    Question My New Theory

    Previously I posted a couple ideas such as
    A) Patrick passed away due to exposure and will be found somewhere near where her car was located (as soon as the snow melts)
    B) Patrick was picked up by a motorist who has since disposed of her body and will never be found.

    But I was scanning through her tweets recently, as well as watching Youtube newscasts about the case and I now have a third theory: Suicide. Patrick intended to end her life in the hotel but her plan didn't work out. She will still be found somewhere near where they found the car. Here are my reasons for the new theory:

    1) Patrick deleted her twitter accounts in the very early hours of the day she disappeared.
    2) Patrick left her things in her locker at work- even her work ID which she would have needed to come back to work if she was planning to do so.
    3) Patrick had access to lots of medications and we know that she has medicated herself in the past (Invega). Most women commit suicide through overdose.
    4) She didn't drive herself to the hotel because perhaps she had already ingested the medication?
    5) The coworker that drove her as well as the hotel shuttle driver said she was talking erratically and behaving strangely (ducking down between cars in the parking lot at the hotel). Although she was delusional, she seemed to have been able to hold it together throughout her work day and only seemed to exhibit odd behaviors (in public) after her shift ended. Had she already ingested the drugs?
    6) The erratic driving. Was she in the throes of delusion or suffering an overdose?
    7)Patrick mentions wanting to hurt herself after receiving the letter from Sapp's church as well as the certified letter regarding the PPO.
    8) She left her ID and didn't bring her wallet to the hotel because she did not want her body to be identified? Same reason for not driving her own car to hotel?
    9) The tweets she posted in the last 24 hours before she disappeared clearly demonstrate that the delusions she was experiencing had turned very ugly. She asked "Sapp" to leave her alone and said "I could never love anyone as disgusting as you". Sapp was her whole reason for going to MI. Is it possible that she felt foolish, angry, betrayed and so utterly hopeless that she decided to put an end to it all?
    10) Patrick told coworkers she was going to Chicago to throw people off, and so they wouldn't go looking for her too soon?

    These are all just speculation. Please let me know what you all think?
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    If, hypothetically, someone just thought she killed herself, would that count as 'other' in this poll?

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    KALAMAZOO, Mich. (Feb. 27, 2014)– A close friend of Teleka Patrick is speaking out for the first time on-air about where Teleka Patrick may have been going the night she disappeared and her car was found in Indiana.

    James Davis was one of the last people to talk to Teleka before she vanished.

    Around the time that Teleka Patrick was spotted in the hotel lobby at the Radisson in Kalamazoo, the same time she disappeared, she called and texted long-time friend James Davis in St. Louis.

    A search warrant indicates, “The last messages on PATRICK`S phone were between her and DAVIS. The text message discussion was about them trying to get together and meet.”

    He feels that she went to the hotel and contacted him previously because she was afraid to go back to her apartment, scared someone was after her.

    He said that Teleka wanted him to drive from St. Louis to Kalamazoo to meet her, which he’d done in the past, but this time, he couldn’t because of work.

    “I told her I couldn`t get there til the following Tuesday and she got mad at me. She said You`re not taking me seriously and that`s when she got frustrated,” said Davis.

    He said he was who she turned to when she was afraid.

    “Yes mam, that would be accurate. Me and Teleka, we had a very good friendship,” said Davis. “If I needed something, I would call her. She was a really good friend of mine. So, I always took her for her word. She never lied to me about anything.”

    Davis said Teleka hinted that it was a security team after her, inferring it was someone associated with Gospel Singer Marvin Sapp, the man who had taken a restraining order out against her months earlier.

    “She was referring to Marvin Sapp`s security or someone….she made it sound like he could have her killed. But, she didn`t say directly Marvin Sapp,” said Davis.

    “I know Teleka. She wasn`t going back to that apartment. She was coming to see me,” said David. “She doesn`t know anyone, I`m the closet to her that she would confide in.”

    Davis said Teleka had shown him messages before she claimed were from Sapp, although the singer had taken out a restraining order against her.

    Davis felt either it was Sapp, or someone was playing a trick on her.

    We’ve reached out several times to Marvin Sapp during the search for Teleka, but he hasn’t commented.

    Detectives have said that he has cooperated with the investigation and have indicated he is an innocent victim of stalking by Teleka.

    “I saw Teleka and someone corresponding with each other as if they could possibly be Marvin Sapp because the things she would talk about was marriage and relationships and church and this is what they are sending me. So, someone was playing a really dirty trick on her.”

    Although there has been speculation that Teleka had some sort of mental issues that contributed to her disappearance Davis doesn’t believe it.

    “I think something happened to her,” said Davis. “I don`t think that she had an overload and just took off.”

    Read more: http://fox17online.com/2014/02/27/ne...#ixzz2uZtRGYb7

    It isn't difficult to imagine what happened, given this information. She was delusional. She probably thought the other cars on the highway were following her. She pulled over, jumped out of the car and ran towards "safety", which in her mind could have meant anything- including lying down in the snow and scooping snow up to cover herself. I stand by my original theory. She will be found in April or May, somewhere near where the car was found.

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    Carlin is confident she is not in the area after his 21 hour thorough search documenting sights of ditches etc. He now really believes someone picked her up. He's looking at the possibility she was a passenger and not the driver ...hmmm. Some here have heavily alluded to that. He also visited MS's church and tried to reach out to him but was asked to leave!

    April 5 info. Where is Colombo when you need him. Over and out!

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    The above link doesn't work for me. It has been a long time since I read this case. But I have manic-depression (bipolar) along with anxiety & PTSD; and I belong to a mental health forum. It seems very clear to me that she was mentally decompensating and a a danger to herself. I think she went to hide and escape her imaginary pursuers and died from exposure.
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