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    Disappearing Thread

    2 days ago I created a thread about myths surrounding this case. It's totally been removed, no explanation whatsoever! If it was removed for review it's one thing, but, to be totally GONE, well , that makes me VERY SUSPICIOUS! I'm wondering WHO felt threatened by my thread? Where did it go? Who removed it and why? I'd really like to know.

    For the record, I haven't the foggiest who killed JBR, IDI, RDI who knows? However, I was trying to dispel some things that have been spouted as gospel, by RDI, from the beginning. One such myth is that the Ramsey's weren't interview by LE for 18 months. Schiller says in his book, they were interview extensively on the 26, 27 28 of dec 1996. So, when ppl say the R's denied LE interviews it is an untruth.

    Hope my new thread doesn't disappear

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