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    Holocaust Survivor Meets Liberator

    What a touching story. Please click link for the entire article.


    It’s been almost 70 years, but Marsha Kreuzman still remembers the moment she lay outside the steps of a Nazi crematorium wishing she could die.

    Kreuzman had already lost her mother, father and brother to the Holocaust, and death seemed inevitable, she said.

    But then an American soldier picked up her 68-pound body and whisked her to safety.

    “I wanted to kiss his hand and thank him,” she said. “From the first day I was liberated, I wanted to thank them, but I didn’t know who to thank.”

    Since then, the now-90-year-old Holocaust survivor has been on a decades-long quest to find American soldiers who liberated the Mauthausen concentration camp, one that didn’t have any success until she met Joe Barbella, two months ago, quite by chance.

    Their unlikely meeting — and now a budding friendship — has given Kreuzman a pleasant twist to an otherwise-tragic story.

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    Thanks for sharing this goz! So glad they were able to meet this many years later.

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    It's wonderful these two people are still alive too and have met. Even after
    all these years, the two families get together. I love this story. It brings hope
    to so many of us. God Bless both of them.


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    How lovely.... she wanted to thank the man that liberated her. That must have been a very moving moment when he first spoke to her after all those years.

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