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    PA or NJ - Basavaraj Mallappa Patil, 19, January 1994

    One personal message from 10/2007 at city-data.com:

    My younger brother Basavaraj Mallappa Patil born in 1965 is missing since January 1994. Height 6', handsome and charishmatic personality. Mother and all of us keep remebering him. All possible attempts are being made to search him. Why not I try from this mode too? Please help me if you could get any traces.
    The poster is from Bangalore.

    A few responses down, another poster says:

    This is true, there are listed in the dbases

    one inparticular lives/lived in these areas

    Collegeville is the location of Ursinus. I suppose it's possible this already has been resolved, but this could be a case, especially if these locations are chronologically listed, where someone who was in the country on a student visa dropped out of school or lost his scholarship, visa expired, couldn't get work, didn't feel he could return home.

    In April of 1994, an unidentified man of Asian or perhaps Hispanic descent suicided in Philadelphia.

    Unidentified Male
    Found April 22, 1994 in Philadelphia

    Vital Statistics
    Race/Ethnicity: Could be Asian or Hispanic
    Estimated Age: 20s
    Height: 5'9"
    Weight: 168 lbs
    Hair Color: Black
    Eye Color: Brown
    Tattoos: none noted
    Scars: 1/4" round scar on inner right knee;
    upper left chest had hyperpigmented brown area;
    right face & neck area;
    Other: circumsized
    Dentals: natural teeth, no dentures or plates
    Clothing: white sneakers, Etonic brand, size 7 1/2;
    white socks;
    blue jeans, Bugle Boy brand;
    white undershorts with print;
    white long-sleeved sweatshirt with "Palm Beach, USA" on the front, size XL.

    Case Details
    The victim was located in a men's room at the 30th Street Station in Philadelphia. He had shot himself.
    Yeah, I know there's a height difference, but I thought I'd drop this information here, just in case, and to get this missing person's brother's long shot attempt some eyeballs.

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    No picture of him available?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MagnoliaMountain View Post
    No picture of him available?
    No. The poster who represented himself as the brother was prompted for that info, but never responded.

    I found the thread for the Philly UID. He looks more distinctly East Asian, with pronounced epicanthic folds. Carl did a nice reconstruction. The reconstructive sketch given out by authorities is pure crap, which you can verify from the morgue photos.

    I put this here just in case someone who appears as though he might be from India ends up listed as a UID who's potentially in this time-frame. He'd possibly be listed as Caucasian or mixed race. I left a DM for the brother posting from India, but no response, which is not surprising. Still, unless it's a strange hoax, it's good to have some kind of reference to an inquiry that might otherwise go undiscovered, should occasion arise.

    Thanks for asking, though. Much obliged.

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