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    Bikini wearing real estate agent sells

    LONG BEACH A blazer and slacks just don't cut it for one local real estate agent. Realtor Wendy Heath chose to wear a bikini on a billboard she posted earlier this month on Second Street and Claremont Avenue in Belmont Shore. The advertisement is turning heads quicker than a Naples Island open house.

    "It's kind of flipped people out," said Heath, who reported receiving almost as many calls from Realtors upset with the ad as those voicing support. "A couple of agents are having a fit about it, but that's because they just didn't think of it first."

    But the large advertisement also led to the 34-year-old mother ending her association First Team Real Estate after it put her and management at loggerheads. She is now with Long Beach Brokerage.

    The photo was shot by Heath's husband, a general contractor, with the family's digital camera on an Alamitos Bay dock near Bay Shore Drive. Also in the digital photo is Bruiser, the family's English bulldog, who asks via comic-strip bubble: "got real estate?"


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