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    UK - Craig Wilcox, 28, Failsworth, 6 Jan 2014 *Arrests*

    Craig Wilcox

    Concern is growing for a man who has been missing for almost three weeks. Craig Wilcox, 28, was last seen on January 6 with relatives on Norfolk Crescent, Failsworth .
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    Tragic Craig Wilcox who was found dead at secluded reservoir believed a gang was 'after him'

    Craig, 28, from Failsworth, was found dead at Dovestone Reservoir in Oldham on February 24

    Tragic Craig Wilcox told pals he believed a gang was ‘after him’ before he was found dead at a secluded reservoir.

    Craig, 28, from Failsworth, was found dead at Dovestone Reservoir in Oldham on February 24.

    But police have now launched a murder inquiry after pals told officers the dad-of-one had spoken of being ‘in trouble’ with a group of men.


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    From January 2015:


    "It is unclear why Craig was in Dovestones that night, we know he had no mode of transport and had no reason to be there.

    “What we do know is that his phone was identified travelling from Newton Heath to Dovestones and arrived in the area at around 10.10pm and left 20 minutes later. What is important is finding out what happened in those crucial 20 minutes", said Det Chief Insp Terry Crompton...

    Post mortem test were carried out on Wilcox' body but they failed to establish the cause of death. Six men aged between 25 and 52 have been arrested in connection with the murder inquiry and are currently on bail.

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    Police vow to catch Craig Wilcox's killer on third anniversary of his death


    Detectives investigating the murder of Craig Wilcox are vowing not to give up on the third anniversary of his death.

    "We need answers to our questions: what was Craig doing in Dovestones at that time of night? How did he get there? Who was he with? We know that someone out there has those answers.

    Imagine if your son, brother, or friend had been murdered, you would want people to come forward with information to find those responsible. Be brave and do the right thing.

    What we do know is that his phone was identified travelling from Newton Heath to Dovestones and arrived in the area at around 10.10pm and left 20 minutes later.

    Think back to the night of 6 January 2014 and get in touch if you saw anyone acting suspiciously or a car travelling to the area at that time of night.

    If you come forward with what you know I assure you that you will have our full support. Or if you don’t feel you can talk to police but you have information, you can speak to Crimestoppers anonymously."
    Parents desperate plea for answers to ease heartbreak


    Speaking on the third anniversary of his disappearance which saw Greater Manchester Police launch a fresh appeal for information, Craig’s parents said: “We are reminded of Craig every single day, we miss him. We live every day in a horrible dream and wonder what happened to him and why? What is so bad that you have to lose your life for?

    Police revealed that Craig had told friends prior to his disappearance that he was in fear of his life but he did not elaborate.

    Despite his fears Craig had a lot to look forward to and had future plans for himself and his young son, his parents said: “Craig had plans for the rest of his life, plans that included his six-year-old son.
    Carolyn and Stephen describe their regret at Craig’s missed presence in the big moments of his sons life: “He will never now be with his son at Christmas, birthdays, holidays and special days in his son’s life. His son asks questions about his dad, what do we tell him? Fortunately he has some memories, but he should have many more.”

    They go on to issue a heart felt plea to ensure that no one else has to endure such pain through the loss of a loved, one taken them from them in such a way stating:“Craig didn’t lose his life, his life was taken from him and the people responsible for his death could do this to someone else. We wouldn’t want any other family to go through the sadness we feel every day.

    “We believe someone knows what happened to Craig. As a family, we are asking if anyone can help us find the answers we are looking for.”

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