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    WY - Larry Morris, 24, Riverton, 26 April 1974

    5'11" to 6'1", 155-170 lbs, Brown hair, brown eyes

    Larry had moved temporarily to Riverton from Tulsa for work only a short time before, driving his green 1966 Ford LTD, with a black vinyl top and Oklahoma tags. He worked for the Seismograph Service Corporation, and on that day he was supposed to head to Yellowstone National Park. His work was soon to have him returning to Tulsa. He disappeared before he could get there, having last been seen on Main Street in town.

    A man named James Franklin Jagers had been released from prison in Canon City, Co. on around March 6 of the same year. Jagers's friend and former cell mate Jack Lincoln had escaped on April 24, two days before Larry Morris disappeared. Police found Morris's truck at a repair shop in San Francisco, where it had been dropped off by Jagers and Lincoln on April 30. They then used Morris's credit cards and ID to rent a Ford Mustang, in which they were captured in Idaho on May 8. Charges showed that they had used the vanished man's cards in Jackson, Wyoming (on the date of Morris's disappearance), Idaho, Oregon, Nevada, and California.

    A relative told police in 1975 that Jagers had in 1974 borrowed gear to camp in Wyoming.

    Jager "refused to be interviewed" regarding Morris for many years, until in 1983 he offered information in exchange for a prison transfer. He stated in an interview that Morris was not alive, and that he could never forget where he'd buried him.

    In 2013, several agencies, working together, and including the Riverton PD and the FBI, determined that it was time to file charges regarding the Morris case. Jagers was duly extradited from Ohio. Strangely, the charges were subsequently pleaded down to misdemeanor larceny, and Jagers was released after 144 days in Wyoming on time served.

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    you used the word "strangely". that is an understatement. Is there anyone else out there who is as interested in this as I am or has any kind of information other than what is posted here? I have my suspicions as to what is going on and I can tell you this...they had enough evidence to prosecute Jagers on the charges and only the county attorney and possibly the "local boys" know why he was released. It seems like they couldn't get him out of town fast enough.

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