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One thing I found interesting was that AK seemed to be actually pointing out the evidence against RS. It made me feel like she was saying to RS hey, don't think you look more innocent than me because they also have evidence of you too. Don't try and portray me as the only bad guy here.

It's disgusting IMO, that this has now turned from the corrupt prosecutors to a bash the Kerchers event. I guess somehow the Kerchers should be able to change the way Italy runs it's justice system. The comments are really sickening and I don't think that moves in the direction of gaining the sympathy that was hoped for here.

Oh yesss. She specifically notes each and every evidence point against him. She doesn't go into the circumstantial, that would get too complicated and actually make them both look guilty. She sticks with the "talking points" view of the evidence.

But yes, she lists those one by one.