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    A prosecutor's failure to disclose more than 10,000 pages of evidence -- coming on the heels of his affair with a key witness -- is threatening to torpedo the trial of two brothers accused of a 25-year-old "cold case" murder.

    The trove of undisclosed evidence came to light after District Attorney Jeff Rosen assigned a new prosecutor to take over the case from deputy district attorney Ted Kajani because of Kajani's affair with a crime lab evidence technician. The affair could lead a judge to exclude key DNA findings linking Robert Zimmer to the body of Cathy Zimmer, his brother David Zimmer's wife, whose strangled body was found in her car at the airport wrapped in a colorful patchwork quilt.

    Prosecutors are required to disclose any evidence that might help the accused, normally at least 30 days before trial and under Rosen's promises of transparency, much sooner. The more than 10,000 pages of evidence weren't turned over until last week, about two weeks before the start of the Zimmers' scheduled Oct. 1 trial. That, coupled with Kajani's affair, could force Rosen to dismiss the murder charges against both brothers and release Robert from jail.

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    The Santa Clara County District Attorney’s office has dismissed charges in the 1989 murder of Cathy Zimmer against her ex-husband and his brother, citing an affair by a prosecutor with a lab technician, prosecutors said Tuesday...

    In a statement this morning, Assistant District Attorney Marc Buller indicated that murder charges could be filed again in the future, stating that “prosecutors will now reassess the case” and that such felony cases “that have not gone before a jury may be dismissed and re-filed.”
    No justice for Cathy because someone couldn't keep their pants zipped.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OkieGranny View Post

    No justice for Cathy because someone couldn't keep their pants zipped.
    Keep the faith that they will re-file the charges. This time things should be above board. Not all of their prosecutors are like this, they have some very good ones.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Marilynilpa View Post
    I just saw this on the internet and came here to see what we had about Cathy Zimmer.

    That is a distinctive quilt, and I sure hope it leads to some answers in this case.
    I think it's an Aloha-quilt, made out of aloha shrts. Probably made and sold in Hawaii.

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