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    Customer Tackles Deer at the Wal-Mart


    NORFOLK, Neb. - So exactly how do you stop a charging deer in Wal-Mart? You take away its credit card. Shoppers at the Wal-Mart here wish they would have thought of that. It would have been a whole lot easier.

    A deer without a grocery list entered through the doors of the supermarket part of the store Thursday.

    The store's greeter didn't see the deer enter through the exit, but she did see the critter when it hit the slick floor and fell. It quickly recovered and went scurrying down the aisles.

    After doing a little looking around, the deer was tackled by a customer. Others of the human persuasion then tied the deer's legs so it couldn't kick, placed it in a shopping cart and pushed it outside.


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    Officials took the animal to nearby Ta-ha-zouka Park and released it.

    What a relief!

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    Now I've heard it all. Is there anyone who doesn't shop at Walmart????

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    That poor little guy!!!!

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