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    GA - Demetria Hill, 19, body found burned, Atlanta, 3 Dec 2001


    When Demetria Hill disappeared, her mother tracked down and confronted the man she now believes strangled her daughter.

    Fulton County prosecutors say what Sharon Williams did was dangerous, but effective, in stopping a violent man who had preyed on women in two states for years.

    "I had to go out and do it on my own," Williams, said. "I wasn't scared. It's my child."

    He never confessed to killing her but opted to plead to the assault instead of going to trial for murder. Prosecutors decided to offer the plea because of weaknesses in the case such as an undetermined cause of death, Pinion said.

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    Good for her !!
    Do not mess with a womans child, as there is NOTHING like a mothers love!!

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    From June 2005:


    The last time Sharon Williams saw her daughter, Demetria Hill, was Dec. 3, 2001, when Hill went out with a friend, Pam. The two women accepted a ride from Joseph Jay Brown, whom they had just met... Pam was dropped off at home; Hill was never seen again...

    Brown made a deal with the state, pleading guilty to assault and kidnapping Hill, though not to killing her.

    Brown was sentenced to 25 years in prison, with the possibility of parole after 16.

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