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    Ellen Page: Inspirational speech

    This should be required viewing in schools and churches as part of anti-bullying campaigns. What a lovely, brave young woman…..

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AWIaYZEHOIg"]Ellen Page Comes Out: Ellen Page Full Speech At LGBT #EllenPage HD - YouTube[/ame]

    How anybody could listen to her speak and continue to choose bigotry over love and acceptance is unfathomable to me.

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    Repeatedly, what I saw in the posts on CNN or yahoo or wherever, responding to her speech, was the following:

    1. The media has a gay agenda/gay people are trying to corrupt our young.
    2. Bible quotes, gays are perverts, the end is coming.
    3. I think I will make an announcement that I am straight/I don't care what people do in private, I'm not prejudiced, but why do I need to hear and/or I am sick of hearing about, [gay] people's sex lives/who they are having sex with/what they do in the bedroom.

    I particularly love the last one. It's transparent bigotry from straight people who try to pretend they are not homophobic.

    They don't understand that every engagement announcement, every bridal shower, every wedding invitation, every anniversary party, every complaint about their significant other on Valentine's day, every baby shower, every photo they use as a screen saver or frame at work with their spouse or girlfriend or boyfriend or children, every time they discuss the plans they have with their mate, or discuss their in-laws or hold hands or hug or kiss their significant other in public - each one of those things is a constant announcement about their sexual orientation, who they like to have sex with and what they do in their personal lives.

    They also don't understand that announcements such as Page's act to demystify, break down stereotypes and end discrimination as the more people know someone who is gay, who they like or admire, the less able they are to support discrimination.

    Finally, for the gay kid in a place or a family somewhere in America, that views gay people as evil, perverted abominations, announcements like Page's can be the one thing to make the unbearable, desperate loneliness, ostracism and fear, diminish just enough so that they can survive just a bit longer, possibly to adulthood.
    For Elizabeth, a minor child, a victim. Thank God she is home!

    *Gitana (means "Gypsy girl"). Pronounced "hee tah nah."

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    The thank you button was not enough. Your post stated exactly what I wanted to say. Thank you.

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    Watching this gifted young woman's speech was inspirational.
    What a courageous step.
    Im straight but I was very moved listening to her and agree with everything she said.

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