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    Capobianco Trial: Surveillance of 4Runner, Zip Ties, Stained Jeans Recovered

    Murder trial put on hold while jurors questioned

    Detective Finds Muddy Cell Phone Case in Capobianco’s 4Runner

    Officer: Stain on pant leg ‘looked like blood’

    Witness: Blue jeans found along highway looked stained by blood

    Capobianco Trail: Cadaver Dogs Alert Searchers to Wooded Area

    Handlers describe dogs separately detecting odor

    Woman was scared after seeing Capobianco in Hana

    Witness: “Frightened” After Seeing Capobianco in Hāna

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    Tower sectors:

    22056 & 2053, Haleakala towers facing West: these are SC's normal, everyday home sector at his residence
    -22056 is "most popular" sector on the island
    2054, Haleakala tower facing East
    2521: tower near Makawao servicing the areas below

    Schedule of Events:

    Saturday night:
    7:28 PM, phone picked tower 2054 but there's overlap so could still be consistent w/ him being in the general area of his residence

    8:41 - 9PM, phone picked West facing tower the whole time

    Det. Easter believes he was in his residence area on Saturday night, no indication he was far out Hana Hwy. Not sure why 7:28 activity doesn't imply that to him...

    Sunday morning:
    phone activity chose new sectors consistent w/ area of Mana foods

    Sunday Night:
    8:34 Pm cell activity in the West facing sectors of 22056 & 2053 aka SC's normal residence sector

    9:49 PM text from tower 2054 & a 2g tower consistent w/ both his residence AND Keanae; sector extends from Haiku to Kipahulu (at 28:00 in video)
    Since phone chose 2g, it is believed he was out Hana Hwy

    11:20 PM text from W. facing tower sector covering w. side Haleakala south to around Ulupalakua
    because its 22056, CS' home sector, Easter believes it's likely he was back at/near his residence but technically it just means he was in that large, West facing area from Haiku to Ulupalakua

    Monday morning:
    phone chose W. facing sectors consistent w/ Mana foods

    Monday Night:
    5:16 - 5:49 PM - 4 texts, phone selected East facing towers (2051 & 2g tower 2054) indicating activity along Hana Hwy
    "because the phone picked a 2g tower, it's likely the phone was out East along Hana [Hwy]."

    6:02PM - 5:13AM Tues. - mixture of text & voice activity
    from 2053 & 2056, i.e. West facing sector = SC's normal residence

    Tuesday Night:
    5:47PM - 6:35PM
    all voice calls to Charli, call never connected to her phone
    15 calls made
    2g & 3g towers utilized facing E., so out along Hana Hwy

    -MoxieMctavish author

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    Saturday 2/8 Morning time, Shelly Tumbaga testifies she does not see any vehicles abandoned on side of Hana. (not sure why Saturday morning matters)
    Saturday, 2/8 early evening, Steven tells CK he's going to go to work on a friend’s truck. Kupstas said she wrote down a timeline of her Skype sessions with Capobianco, and found an entry that indicated he had gone to a party after. “He returned from the party at around 11 p.m. Hawaiʻi time,”said Kupstas
    Saturday 2/8 11-11:45 pm Shelly Tumbaga sees 4runner with stickers on back (surfing and SF) traveling and stopping and going on Hana Hwy.
    Saturday 2/8 11-11:30 pm Steven returns home per Carlos Young

    Sunday 2/9 Cass Kupstas skypes with Steven before he leaves for work.
    Sunday 2/9 6:15 am Steven leaves for work (truck was not stuck overnight as he says)
    Sunday 2/9 6:41 am Steven's 4runner is captured on video at Bank of Hawaii Pa'ia branch traveling up Baldwin Ave.
    Sunday 2/9 6:53 am Steven arrives at work. Ms Gagne testimony on punch times. (12 noon out, 12:30 in break)
    Sunday 2/9 morning, Traci Hanchett’s testimony, she drove into Hāna from Wailuku and out of Hana that Sunday morning and did not notice any cars that were broken down or on the side of the road in the Keʻanae area.
    Sunday 2/9 throughout day, Charli attends work function, gives a haircut and attends get together at BS house.
    Sunday 2/9 Steven Facebook messages Kyle Knight but does not mention his truck being stuck and Knight did not give him a ride to work as SC told police.
    Sunday 2/9 Steven tells Kurt Kaiser his 4runner is at Mana Foods with him at work.
    Sunday 2/9 3:52 pm Steven leaves work.
    Sunday 2/9 Kupstas Skypes with Steven after his work. One curious thing was that she questioned why Capobianco was taking a shower when he said he was going to fix a car.
    Sunday 2/9 8:15pm SC leaves his house (Casandra Kupstas) in his 4runner.
    Sunday 2/9 8:15pm Charlie leave BS house.
    Sunday 2/9 Taylor Farner tries to contact SC with over 90 texts with no response. She was looking to buy drugs per her testimony.
    Sunday 2/9 Jennifer Taylor while attending a memorial testifies she sees SC alone in Hana Town (Hana Bay) between 9:30pm and 11:30pm driving a rounded silver 4runner not like his own but more like Charli's as Kyle Knight testified his was square hers was rounded.
    Sunday 2/9 10:56pm last ping from Charli's phone at Nua'ailua (Paraquats).

    Monday 2/10 12:45 am residents of Haumana Road in Haiku smell strong smoke. About 5 minutes from "Jaws"
    Monday 2/10 Between midnight and 2:00am Taylor Farner meets SC in his white Ford at Hanzawa's.
    Monday 2/10 2:30am CK gets a skype from SC. She notices "a big line across his hand that looked like it had been smashed and his knuckles were kinda bruised." She also saw "two slices" fro a cut on what she thought was his thumb but later said was his pinky".
    Monday 2/10 6:56 am Steven arrives at work. (10:41am out, 11:13am in for break)
    Monday 2/10 7-7:30am Nala found clean at Nahiku Market Place by Albert Young. (Family does not have knowledge of this).
    Monday 2/10 3:21 pm Steven punches out of work.
    Monday 2/10 SC shows up at the Makawao Kaiser home between 3-4:00pm to return a backpack KK also finds his cell phone that he left in SC 4runner. SC declines invitation to hang out because he "was in a hurry".
    Monday 2/10 8:00pm after no return calls from Charli, KS texts family.
    Monday evening KS and PW go to Charli's home.
    Monday 2/10 10:00pm KS reports Charli missing
    Monday 2/10 Adam and then wife go to Charli's home. She, nor her 4runner is there.

    Tuesday 2/11 Police show up at SC home to question if he's seen Charli. He is on skype with CK
    Tuesday 2/11 6:57 am Steven arrives at work. (9:32am out, 10:00am in break)
    Tuesday 2/11 8:30 am Brooke Scott visits Steven at Mana foods to ask questions. SC agrees to meet Brooke at Kimberlyn's house at 3:30p (Steven leaves work at 2:53 pm) and they drive in separate vehicles to drive Hana. They meet up with Phaedra who joins Brooke in her car.
    On way back to Haiku, Brooke and Phaedra checking spots and pull into road to Paraquat's, where they see SC's truck coming out. He says nothing down there,
    offers to take them back down, they decline. No smell is reported. Both vehicles proceed to KS Haiku home.
    Tuesday 2/11 Later that evening SC is asked by KS to give a timeline. KS allows SC to take Zoey
    Tuesday 2/11 9:30 pm Adams Gaines receives info that Charli's truck may have been seen in Keanae. He and Steven drive there. Steven tells Adam he's already search Paraquats (Nuaailua Bay).

    (sometime between Monday 2/10 12:45 am and when Charli's 4runner was found Christopher Fanelli, who said he took the tow package and removed the gas tank to reach the fuel pump of a burned Toyota 4Runner at the "Jaws" surf spot area of Peahi in February 2014. He also took the melted tire rims of the 4Runner, which he said was the same one shown in a photograph taken of Scott's vehicle at "Jaws." Fanelli said his friend removed copper wiring from the vehicle. He went to the spot, "looking for anything of value" to sell after getting a call from a mechanic who lives in the Peahi area, Fanelli said. He said said there were no doors when he saw the 4Runner.)

    Wednesday 2/12 1:30am Phaedra and Adam pick up Nala from Albert Young.
    Wednesday 2/12 Steven does not go to work.
    Wednesday 2/12 8:24 am Steven interview 1 with Det. Loo drove in his 4runner
    Wednesday 2/12 11:22 am Steven interview 2 with Det Loo
    Wednesday 2/12 Steven's 4runner is searched. A muddy, green cell phone is found on the rear passenger floorboard. The inside of the vehicle is described as dirty and muddy with mud on the doors. Not kept up. As noted on the engine there was green paint on one of the wires, and that the wire looked cleaner than the others.
    Wednesday 2/12 Afternoon, Kyle Knight smells strong odor near Nuaailua Bay but not near "the path" while driving to search at Nahiku.
    Wednesday 2/12 Afternoon, Steven shows up at Nahiku around 4 or 5pm in his 4runner where searchers are. A group decides to go to Jaws to search. SC tells Kyle Knight he needs gas before he heads to Jaws for search.
    Wednesday 2/12 Afternoon, Kyle Knight returns to Nuaailua Bay area, (despite SC telling him it was searched several times), on his way to Jaws after searching Nahiku with others (because Nala was found there). He repels down a cliff near Nuaailua Bay only to find a hubcap.
    Wednesday 2/12 sunset, unbeknownst to searchers heading to Jaws to search, Charli's 4runner had been found earlier torched at Jaws. Steven was to go along and he tells both Drew Kaiser and Kyle Knight that he has to get gas but when they call him he went home instead. KK says Steven did not sound surprised when told Charl's truck had been found.

    Thursday 2/13 Steven does not go to work.
    Thursday 2/13 Steven's phone interview with Mileka Lincoln.
    Thursday 2/13 Adam Gaines sees Steven with bleach washing his 4runner while group is searching the area.
    Thursday 2/13 Kyle Knight returns to Jaws the day after Charli's car was found and finds headlight and unburned crossmember and an access panel to the fuel tank. The gas tank was missing. Charlie's sister sees tidbits of jewelry. Kyle Knight receives a phone call that someone is rappelling down to retrieve a body found (unknown location) and Steven simply asks him "how" without concern.

    Location1: Burnt car found at Jaws, Wednesday 2/12 evening.

    Location 2: Thursday 2/13 found late morning
    some 5 miles away from location 4 near Mile Marker 9-10 near Kaumahina State Wayside Park, Police were led to the makai shoulder of the roadway where a blood stained pair of Blue jeans were found by searchers. The middle right pant leg seemed to be stained with blood. Pant size 32" waist 30" length.
    The blue jeans were found lying on top of bushes when Loo arrived.
    Zip ties found 100 ft away from jeans. Not photographed but collected as evidence.

    Location 3: Thursday 2/13
    drag marks near guard rail Mile Marker 18 (not photographed) steep drop off several 100 ft. This has also been reported as MM 19.5

    Location 4
    Thursday 2/13 Evening getting dark
    Nuaailua Bay, which is known as "Paraquats" beach Mile Marker 15.5 area
    Phaedra found: Charli's clothing, a long black skirt with stab marks and a blue polka dot blouse.
    a green blanket WITH MAGGOTS, Twilight DVD.
    BLACK pants and GREY hooded zip up jacket (that were not Charli's)
    Masking tape
    (This is the area SC told Brooke when the two of them drove Hana on Feb. 11th that he had already looked there)
    Phaedra, Max and Molly do not smell anything until they get down the road farther near the bridge but deems it as a dead piglet.

    Location 4
    Next day Friday 2/14
    6:59am Steven arrives at work and punches out immediately at 7:02 am
    Nuaailua Bay, which is known as "Paraquats" beach Mile Marker 15.5 area
    gloves reported but not testified to
    Pool of maggots
    Scott's jawbone split in two, 6 feet apart,
    cuts in tree,
    clumps of her red hair,
    pieces of skin,
    a bra,
    body piercing with flesh,
    fingertips and nails of her right hand,

    Saturday 2/15 Steven does not go to work.
    Saturday 2/15 Officer Bonacorsi describes smelling rotting human flesh as they re-canvas the area. Shoes (flipflops) found.

    Sunday 2/16 Steven does not go to work.

    Tuesday 2/18 Cass Kupstas is scheduled to return to Maui.

    Thursday 2/20 SAR dogs alert to remains near location #4 near the cut marks in the tree and stream.

    Saturday 2/22 Detective Barry Aoki testified he recovered the four burned doors as evidence when he met then-Lt. Richard "Danny" Dods at Holomua Road about a half-mile above Hana Highway in the Kuau/Hookipa area that night.

    Monday 2/24 Charli's burnt bumper grill including the skull emblem was found at Haiku and Kauhikoa rd.

    Saturday 3/8 SAR dogs again alert near cuts in tree.

    In March 2014, with $1,900 still owing, Pechin said he repossessed the vehicle from Capobianco, who drove it to Pechin's house. Pechin said he stored the 4Runner at his residence for "less than a week" before "the police took the vehicle for evidence." vehicle had been locked, except for the broken back window, which had a tarp and brick over it, Pechin said. He said items shown in a photograph of the console, including a piece of rope and red pepper spray canister, weren't his.
    noted for myself.

    Note: Wailua Wayside Park, where Capobianco said he was picked up by the driver of the Toyota Corolla.
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    Forensic witness: Jawbone broken by ‘significant’ force

    Capobianco Trial: Mana Foods Manager Verifies Time Card

    Vehicle caught on video moments before defendant clocked in at work

    Capobianco Trial: Numerous Holes, Reddish Stains on Clothing

    Forensic pathologist describes injuries to jawbone

    Capobianco Trial: Injury Consistent with Use of Serrated Edge Knife

    Evidence found at Nuaailua Bay described by police specialist

    Capobianco Trial: FBI Agent Begins Cell Phone Analysis

    FBI expert: Defendant’s cellphone active at critical time

    FBI agent testifies on cellphone data

    Jurors Questioned, Video Evidence Review, Special Agent Due to Testify


    Jurors questioned after letter alleges possible misconduct

    Detective Testifies in Capobianco Trial: “It Smelled Like Decomposing Humans”

    Capobianco Trial: Recovered Jawbone is a “Match” to Charli Scott

    Orthodontist matches Scott’s X-rays to jawbone fragments

    Capobianco Trial: Police Recount Discovery of Bra, Jawbone at Nuaʻailua

    Police describe finding jawbone, bra, reddish hair at remote bay

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    Witness testifies to seeing torched 4Runner

    Capobianco Trial: OB/GYN Reviews Sonogram Images of Fetus

    Capobianco Trial: Haʻikū Man Helps Police Find Missing Doors to 4Runner

    Portion of tree with cut marks brought to court

    Bug expert: Scott killed the night last seen alive

    Capobianco Trial: Forensic Entomologist Estimates Time of Death

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    For reference: Nua'ailua Bay aerial drone

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