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    OH - Zachariah Keen for child abuse, Mount Vernon, 2014

    Article date: 2/18/14

    "According to Knox County Prosecutor John Thatcher, a grand jury returned a three-count indictment against 19-year-old Zachariah W. Keen." More at

    Charges are felonious assault and endangering children.

    1/21/14 article with comments from baby Hunter's mom

    "Hunter has been in Nationwide Children’s Hospital since Friday night after his mother, Lora Miller, 18, of Mount Vernon, discovered he had burns on his arm and leg after being taken care of by a family friend." More at http://mountvernonnews.com/blog/2014...investigating/

    Poor baby having to go through this situation.

    Doctors also found a broken tibia and broken ribs that were older injuries. I wonder if mom will be charged with anything?

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    Poor baby. What a sicko, too many to count. Sad.

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    What on earth did he do to him? So severe burns is unbelievable. At least it appears that the burns were so severe that he would not have been in too much pain, But it is disturbing he had old broken bones. How often did this "friend" look after him? If this was the first time then they need to look elsewhere. What is the world coming to? If they are not killing these little babies they are torturing them. JMOO

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    One article said a "family friend" was watching the baby, but, not surprisingly, it was mom's live in boyfriend. I hope Hunter is not in too much pain, poor little bunny.

    People make me sick.

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    What about charges against the mother??

    There is no way she would not have known her baby had a broken tibia and broken ribs if she had been helping care for this five-month old baby .... whether done by the current live-in boyfriend or other party.

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    October 2014:

    Zachariah Keen pleaded guilty Tuesday to one count of felonious assault.

    November 2014 - sentenced to 7 years in prison.

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    August 2015 - sentence vacated on appeal, due to mention of past injuries not shown to be cause by Keen being mentioned prior to sentencing.


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    Let us follow this re-sentencing and hope he receives the same sentence!!
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