Holding Gun In YouTube Video, A Reasonable Basis For Order To Detain?

"On August 27, 2013, while viewing the Facebook pages for groups from his beat, [a] Police Officer ....(“Petersen”) found a rap music video on YouTube. In the video, Petersen observed [defendant] Johnson displaying a firearm. Petersen knew Johnson to be on extended supervision, so he alerted Johnson’s Probation Agent, (“Hart”). After viewing the video, Hart issued an Order to Detain Johnson. The Order to Detain recounts that Johnson was on extended supervision following a felony conviction… of substantial battery… The Order further provides that the “behavior or violation resulting in custody” is the possession of a firearm. [Two days later], Petersen and another officer observed Johnson walking down the street; knowing of the Order to Detain, Petersen arrested Johnson. Petersen performed a custodial search of Johnson... "

Is it poss LE found a a Smith and Wesson .32 caliber revolver?
You guessed it.
For court's order and reasoning, see link.

Hurray for dumbazz-criminal Facebook & YouTube posters.
Hurray for vigilant LE checking SocMedia.