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    TX - Twin infants had bruises and broken bones


    This is a local story. I question that the foster parents harmed the children. I read a comments related to the story. One said the babies were taken from the parents because they disagreed with a doctor, another said these foster parents are good people. There is a metabolic disorder in babies that causes broken bones, so I won't be surprised if they determine it wasn't abuse.
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    I wonder why the babies were in foster care to began with. This very well could be a case of brittle bone disease. It's to soon to tell. But just makes you wonder what happen for them to be taken from their mother. And then now taken from the foster parents all in just six weeks.

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    Diseases like brittle bone quite often get the parents accused of abuse when there really isn't any.

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    Looking for an update on this... Whilst looking, I found a 2010 story about one of the same agency's foster carers.

    The Kent Bureau of Investigation, on April 21, arrested Jerry Darnell Bartley, 39, at his home in the 200 block of Lincoln Drive. He is charged with six counts of sodomy, and one count each of child abuse, sex abuse of a minor, sex abuse of a minor-continuing course of conduct, and second-degree assault...

    Bartley is a licensed treatment foster parent through Arrow Child & Family Ministries and a pastor at the Faith and Deliverance Church in Chestertown...

    In 2006, after what [Maryland Department of Human Resources Secretary Brenda] Donald described as "a full background check consistent with procedures and regulations," Arrow Child & Family Ministries certified Bartley to be a treatment foster parent. Also, the Wicomico County Department of Social Services certified him to be an adoptive parent.

    The charges were all dismissed in January 2011.

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