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    Sounds like a sketch from SatNiLive or Punked, but...

    ...it is not.

    "...the plaintiff sued for his injuries after falling off ATO’s [frat house] deck and becoming wedged between it and an A/C unit. Prior to his fall, Helmsburg reportedly attempted to use his cellphone to film [defendant] Hughes shooting a bottle rocket out of his ass. Instead of soaring into the air, the bottle rocket exploded in Hughes’s rectum. Helmberg was so startled he tumbled off the deck.
    (Special things like this happen at frats regularly....)"

    Links to article and the petition against frat and frat member Hughes.
    The 12 paragraph factual background starts on page 2 of scribd attachment.

    Yeah, college age dude should recover damages from injuries incurred from hanging around in that frat house
    and [that frat dude ETA: My bad, Hughes was not ATO member] that dude trying to light bottle rocket from his own anus. [sarc]

    Surprised that Hughes did not earn Darwin Award nomination.

    And for an extended discussion re personal injury litigation and frats, see other link:

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