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    Man claims best friend Louie Myres confessed to being zodiac killer

    A man has claimed that his best friend confessed to him that he was the infamous Zodiac Killer who terrorized California throughout the 1960s.

    Randy Kenney, from New York, said that before his friend Louise Myers passed away he claimed to be responsible for the five murders linked to the Zodiac Killer between 1968 and 1969.

    Myers claimed that, aged 17, he had targeted young couples - some of whom he went to school or worked with - because he was bitter that his girlfriend had broken up with him.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/arti...#ixzz2uTSsbwn3

    What do you all think of this?
    Two innocent teenagers Abigail Williams and Liberty German were murdered just over a year ago in Delphi, Indiana. If you know the man who could be responsible please call the tip line. There is a reward of $250,000 - Tel- 844.459.5786 or email: abbyandlibbytip@cacoshrf.com

    May this be the year there is justice for Abigail and Liberty and William Tyrrell and Jessica Heeringa are found.

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    He looks nothing like any of the sketches. Although I have always thought it odd that the witnesses gave such different opinions on the Zodiac's age range, no one suggested a teenager and I think Teenage boys are very distinctive as teenagers.

    Plus I tend to think if the Zodiac knew he was dying, there is a better than even chance he would go public, not ask some friend to keep it a secret until his death.

    I guess with everyone's stepfather being named as the Zodiac I have become a bit jaded. But I just don't buy it.

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    Add similar glasses and the sketch could be close enough (I've seen worse - they caught the Muppet guy) but they can't all be the Zodiac killer...

    It seems like proving you're the Zodiac would be easy enough if you could reveal what the codes mean and how to crack them.

    He added that he wanted Kenney to write a book with the proceeds going to the victims' families, ABC7's I-Team reported.
    I don't know... would a psychopath say that? If the serial killer gave a damn about the victims' families he likely wouldn't be a serial killer.

    If he became religious when facing his own mortality or something and wanted to clear his conscience before getting to the heaven's Gates wouldn't he go to the police and confess properly?

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    Safe to assume this guy was NOT zodiac. Too young, too thin, was away in the army when one of the zodiac letters was mailed from Bay Area
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    The real Zodiac has too big of an ego than to make a "deathbed confession." If he knew he was dying, he'd let the whole world know. He LOVED taunting the police and pointing out their mistakes and incompetence. There's no better way for him to exit the world than to let everyone know that he got away with murder!

    The key is often reading/listening clearly to the details with logic and not emotion.

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    Sounds way too young from what the living eye witnesses said about him. He did admit to wearing disguises. I really doubt this guy was him, myself...jmo
    He could of handed over Paul Stine's keys and wallet, or tell where they were, if it was really him.

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    Is he looking for a movie deal?

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    The tones of the condescending parts of the letters fit the age range of late teens to late twenty's. between the ages of seventeen and twenty four. Also at one point they believed there was a copycat. It is possible but by a slim chance that man who confessed on death bed to his friend is the original.

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