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    SC - Heather Elvis, 20, Myrtle Beach, 18 Dec 2013 #24 **ARREST**

    If you have any information about her whereabouts you are asked to call the Horry County Police Department: (843) 915-5350.

    Horry County Police Arrest Warrants for Tammy & Sidney Moorer

    Horry County Police Dept.

    Media Thread

    Heather Elvis Case Social Media Discussion

    Heather Elvis Scanner Thread

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    Condolence Thread for Heather's Family
    Please share your thoughts and prayers for the Elvis Family

    Verified members on Heather's case
    Creek-Ratz - verified insider
    helpseeker - verified insider
    LadyHawkke - verified insider
    Delta Dawn - verified insider
    JMS734 - verified insider

    Find Heather Elvis Facebook
    Heather Elvis Twitter
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    Police Report


    The FindHeatherElvis Facebook is NOT allowed at this time. This is a deviation from our standard rules, but is necessary in this particular case.
    If you have questions, pm a Mod.

    Zoomable map, also available in the Maps Media and Timeline thread:

    Thanks to Ghostwheel

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    SC - Heather Elvis, 20, Myrtle Beach, 18 Dec 2013 #20**ARREST**

    The Rules

    Terms of Service Terms of Service - Short, Plain Language Version - Websleuths Crime Sleuthing Community

    We have a detailed, formal Terms of Service (TOS) posted separately, and that TOS is what you will be held to as a member here. It's long and detailed because it has to be in the world we live in, and you are expected to read it, understand it and abide by it. However, we can sum it up as follows:

    1) Be a decent human being;
    2) Treat your fellow posters as the decent human beings they are;
    3) Keep in mind that whatever you post will likely live on forever, so think before you press "Submit Reply".
    4) It's a big world. People will disagree with you. You will disagree with them. This can be done with respect, and that's what we expect.

    And... No rumor, discuss only what we know thru main stream media and law enforcement. Heather's social media sites are allowed, but you can not discuss any posts other than hers.

    TM and SM are now sleuthable, in conjunction with their arrests.

    The Find Heather Facebook page is not allowed here and no discussion about it.

    You can speculate but no out and out rumor, you can not for example say Heather may have been meeting someone because of drugs, or money etc. Not allowed.

    Please continue here...
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    Just a reminder...

    No name calling or name variations. We are a victim friendly site, this includes friends and family.

    No bashing of anyone, no discussion about how someone looks, and please do not make fun of

    the situation that the Moorers are in. This is all very serious and it does not help find Heather

    which is what we are all about here.

    TM & SM's family are not discussable

    Minors are not discussable this includes TM's children

    Pregnancy not discussable
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    The most direct route from the TM/SM's house to the Peachtree boat landing is traced in red; it's 3.87 miles between the two locations.

    Since Atalaya Place keeps popping up in the discussion, I marked it and measured the distance from there to PTL; it's nearly 11 miles between the two points.

    The red markers are the locations of the Indecent Exposure charges.

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    - Heather Elvis, 20, Myrtle Beach, 18 Dec 2013 #22 **ARREST**

    Please continue here.

    Remember - NO DISCUSSION OF MINORS, NO PICTURES OF MINORS AND NO DISCUSSION OF RUMORS THAT DO NOT HAVE A BASE IN FACT. A link is needed to point us in a direction before speculation is allowed.

    TM and SM are charged with murder, no one else is discussable as a person of interest or suspect.



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    ...and another

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    Quote Originally Posted by NewYork625 View Post
    ...and another
    from this shot, no cars are parked 'parallel' to the water...

    so, HE's car was either off the road somewhere or this isn't a re-enactment.

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    New booking pic, notice the smirk is gone

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    [QUOTE=Dr. Know?;10283042]

    To the right in the middle of the photo, there is someone there...looks like a brown hood over his head with an LEO right behind him. I zoomed in and that is what I see.

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    Ok, I just saw "my Horry News" calling this a SEARCH. I am holding my own hands to keep myself from hitting the refresh button every other second......

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    Horry news is calling this a "search" right now, I'll try my best to find a link before I run out of my office.

    Edited to add a link where the word search is being used in connection with today's developments: https://www.facebook.com/MyHorryNews

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    SC DNR divers were also spotted in the water with buoy markers


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    Lt. Kegler later clarified: "Today we are working with equipment at the boat landing to determine possible tidal flows and patterns that may assist in recovery of evidence. We do have divers present to perform grid searches and evidence recovery as appropriate."


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