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    CT - Mary Jane Menard, 40, New Britain, 4 Oct 2003

    endangered missing
    mary jane menard october 4th 2003 went missing from new britain ct
    dob may 16th 1963
    age 40 5'4 125-145 lbs
    Caucasian female blond hair blue eyes menard has a tattoo of a rose on the right side of her chest and shoulder and scar on her back she may go by the intials mj
    yellow sweater and blue jeans
    menard is an alcoholic who was sober for many years prior to her disappearance she may have been abusing drugs however.

    menard was last seen in new britain, connecticut on october 4th 2003 she went out to get a pack of cigarettes and never returned and has not been heard from again. menard had become a susbstance abuse counselor after going into recovery for her alcholisim and may have been romantically involved with a client. she also had three back surgeries in 2002 and the medication she took for the pain may have reactivated her addition her family belives she became using drugs prior to her disapperance.

    menard left behind 2 adult children one of whom was serving with the military in iraq when she went missing her mother died in 2009 without ever learning her fate menard lived in waterbury connecticut at the time of her disapperance and they are investigating her case


    "without a trace new britain women went missing 10 years ago"
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    this article was in my paper yesterday i had no idea a local women had gone missing 10 years ago, she went missing from another town in ct its about 45 minutes from where she was from new britain to where she went missing waterbury

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    Mary Jane Menard was identified as one of the sets of remains found in 2007 behind a strip mall on Hartford Road in New Britain CT.


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    New Britain police have identified the third set of remains found behind a strip mall on Hartford road in their city seven years ago. Police say Mary Jane Menard was forty when she was reported missing in 2003...

    All three deaths are homicides. A $150,000 reward has been posted in the case.

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    New Britain police offering the largest reward in state history — $150,000 — to help track down a serial killer. Authorities have identified the bodies of Mary Jane Menard, 40; Diane Cusack, 53; and Joyvaline “Joy” Martinez, 24...

    “Our investigation has revealed that these murders were committed by the same offender at different times,” Chief James Wardwell, New Britain Police Department, said...

    All three women frequented the area in Downtown New Britain around Lafayette St, Main St., and Washington St. All may have been dealing with substance abuse issues, police said.

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    Task force on the hunt for serial killer
    Friday, September 26, 2014 8:44 PM EDT


    NEW BRITAIN — Diane Cusack was a beloved sister.
    Joyvaline “Joy” Martinez was an aunt who adored her niece and nephews.
    Mary Jane Menard was a mother who also left a mark on the local substance abuse community she sought to help.
    The New Britain Serial Murder Task Force, consisting of federal, state and local agencies, is working to identify a serial killer who left the remains of all three women behind a plaza at 593 Hartford Road more than a decade ago. New Britain Police Chief James Wardwell, who was the lead investigator on the case from 2007 to 2012, contended for years that the women weren’t just faceless, nameless, “Jane Does.”
    “These cases are near and dear to my heart,” Wardwell said in 2012. “I came up through the ranks investigating their deaths and I feel as strongly today about giving them justice as I did that day out in the woods five years ago. Our dedication has not diminished.”
    Family members gathered solemnly at police headquarters to support Wardwell’s public plea for help in finding the killer.
    more at link.
    also posted in these threads:
    Found Deceased CT - Joyvaline Martinez, 28, East Hartford, Oct 2003
    Identified! CT - New Britain "Jane Doe #2" - WhtFem - Rte 9 at Hartford Rd-Aug 07: Diane Cusack

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    Here is some information from the Unidentified Forum regarding this case: https://www.websleuths.com/forums/sho...light=Hartford


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    As Menard’s family prepares to celebrate her life with a memorial service Thursday, they are asking friends and acquaintances to come forward with information on her death in the hopes of finally bringing her killer to justice...

    For more than a decade, Menard’s family wondered if Mary Jane could have been one of the Hartford Road “Jane Does” police were working to identify. They received word over Labor Day weekend that the 40-year-old substance abuse counselor who had overcome so many obstacles was indeed “Jane Doe 3”...

    The family held out hope for years, yet also knew the possibility of Menard still being alive was slim. “When you know a person and you know that no matter what was happening in their life, they still would have contacted you if they could,” Santiago said. “We knew if she could have come to us, she would have.” They wanted resolution, but each admitted that when it came a little more than a month ago, it was still jarring to know the truth. “It brought up a lot of questions,” McKinney said. “Why my mother? She never deserved anything like that. She was such a good person.”

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    Howell: A fateful freedom?
    Posted: Wednesday, May 20, 2015 10:09 pm
    by Lisa Backus

    A month after William Devin Howell was released from a Connecticut jail in late 2002, the first of several people from the area disappeared.

    Those people joined three others whose partial skeletons were found in the same wooded area in August 2007 — Joyvaline Martinez, Diane Cusack and Mary Jane Menard — the same week Howell was sentenced to 15 years in prison after pleading guilty to first-degree manslaughter in Arizmendi’s death.

    Like Camilini and Arizmendi, the other four identified people found buried or dumped at the site disappeared in 2003. Arizmendi was last seen getting into Howell’s van in late July of that year. He left Connecticut in early November and was arrested by North Carolina authorities later that month.

    Sources have said Howell is considered the lone suspect in the case.

    more at the link

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